Fayetteville NC Answering Service

Fayetteville, Eastover or Fort Bragg, North Carolina businesses still relying on voice mail, answering machines or cold impersonal answering services will see the effect in their profit statements. Answering Service Care has over 35 years of experience helping small enterprises enhance their telephone customer service operations. Successful physicians, plumbers, lawyers or real estate brokers know clients patients, customers and clients prefer speaking to a live representative every time. Improving your level of customer service enhances your credibility and provides better profits.

Fayetteville, NC sits 60 miles south of the state capital of Raleigh and serves as the county seat of Cumberland County. Scottish immigrants settled in the area in 1739. In 1783, the merger of the towns of Campbellton and Cross Creek form the city of Fayetteville. The city flourished as a regional hub for commerce due to build of roads and textile mills. A fire in 1831 and the Civil War caused great destruction. After the war, Fayetteville reconstructed the textile mills, enhanced transportation and expanded it produce production. Railroads in 1885 connected the city to major southern and northern markets and along the eastern seaboard. Professionals, sales, and service business play significant roles in the economy. We can help you succeed; Answering Service Care owners learned years ago that our company’s hinges on the success of our clients.

North Carolina Answering Service services phones for small companies across the country. You decide when to use our service – evenings, weekends seasonal or 24/7 and 365 days a year. We offer a full range of solutions, including:

  • Live answering service
  • Bi-lingual Operators
  • Free Local and Toll-Free Numbers
  • Messaging Service
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Virtual Receptionist


Our cutting-edge solutions and personalized attention to our clients propelled us into a national leader when it comes to communication services. Answering Service Care brings many benefits to your Fayetteville enterprise. If you seek to cut costs, you do not have to sacrifice customer service. For business people looking to expand their operation, you do not have to hire employee, install new equipment.

Answering Service Care customizes unique plans for each operation – starting with the greeting for your callers. We manage each call according to the guidelines approved. You can rest assure our services address the needs of YOUR business. Our live operators serve as an extension of your business; therefore, they must fit seamlessly into your operations. We assign staff who becomes knowledgeable about your business in order to deliver the best service.

Contact Answering Service Care and learn about a plan especially tailored for your firm. Whether you need our live operator to schedule appointments or desire a virtual office setup Answering Service Care can help. Your image and credibility depends on your ability to field skilled personable people to handle your phones. Our high quality answering service team can take your Fayetteville, North Carolina enterprise to the head of the class.