Greensboro NC Answering Service

Greensboro, North Carolina businesses can immediately benefit from the 35 years of experience North Carolina Answering Service has with telephone services across professional, trades, sales and services businesses. All enterprises have the challenge of increasing revenues and delivering high-quality customer service. In addition, there exist the objective of staying within budget and separating yourself from the competition. Enhance your business credibility and maximize sales. Our understanding of client interactions and taking on the responsibility of managing your phones creates greater productivity and saves you money.

Greensboro, NC started as a planned community in the early 1800’s; by 1821, the city had approximately 369 residents. Selection of the town as a new rail line exploded the city’s growth; it quickly became a transportation center for the state. The transportation of goods from textile mills grew the local economy; many mills remained in place well into the 21st century. Today, textile manufacturing continues to play a role in the local economy. With a population of 260,083, Greensboro has diversified into other industries, including finance, insurance, manufacture and real estate. Professional and services companies, which may gain the most benefits from Answering Service Care, also contribute significantly to Greensboro’s economic base.

With over 35 years of experience in the answering service industry, Answering Service Care has honed its expertise to become an industry leader. Our telephone communication solutions provide support for small business across all sectors of the economy. Our cost-efficient live operator services can provide businesses with warm personable and knowledgeable representatives – a key ingredient for any company looking to enhance their caller satisfaction. Many studies have demonstrated when companies offer “equivalent” services and products — firms that go the extra mile to deliver over-the-top service can move ahead of their competition.

Besides experienced and well-trained operators, Answering Service Care has a full range of cutting-edge solutions designed to assist Charlotte business owners in refining telephone communications and delivering a dependable and professional image to your customers. Our tools include:

  • Bi-lingual Operators
  • Virtual Office
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Medical Answering Service
  • Free Local and Toll-free Numbers


Answering Service Care provides superior answering service, even when you sleep. Our industry high retention rate assures you have a team of operators assigned to your account who have knowledge. In fact, your callers will believe they sit right outside your office doors.

Live operators who are warm, affable and knowledgeable about your business and the industry solution-oriented do more than make you competitive – they assist your rise to the top of your field. Answering Service Care operators provide a point of contact for your evenings, weekends or 24 hours a day. Maintain a service-focused business presence.

Contact Answering Service Care today and find out how our design representatives can create custom telephone communication solutions for your Greensboro, North Carolina firm. You will be pleasantly surprise at the affordability of a telephone management plan for your business needs.