Raleigh North Carolina Answering Service

Raleigh and Brentwood, North Carolina businesses – professionals, trades, sales and service enterprises need an edge – Answering Service Care can make the difference. Differentiating between products or services when attempting to choose a company is not always easy for customers. However, people can immediately identify high-quality customer service. For many firms, committing to superior telephone services may constitute the missing component needed to put them over the top. Voice mail and answering machines offer the least effective method for managing your phones.

Consumers and B2B clients appreciate a more “personal touch.”

Known for it abundance of oak trees, many people refer to the capital of North Carolina as the “City of Oaks.” Founded in 1792, it serves as the home for the state’s first railroad line. As the seat for Wake County, Raleigh, NC makes up a third of the Triangle Research Park — established in 1959 — along with the cities of Durham and Chapel Hill. About an hour’s drive from the Atlantic Ocean or the Great Smoky Mountains, the city has a population of 276,093. Raleigh’s commercial base consists of a medical, telecommunication, banking/financial services. The local economy also has a vibrant mixed of professionals, trades and other services. Answering Service Care has an North Carolina answering service solution for your business and your budget.

Start-ups save money by eliminating the expenses associated with hiring your own receptionist. Why not spend the money for salaries, benefits and overhead in other areas of your business. Seasoned firms can downsize without sacrificing service; in some case they can improve telephone service. Assign the receptionist or other staff to tasks that are more important. Answering Service Care live operators gives you flexibility. Whatever you decide – do not relegate your phones to voice mail or answering machines – it may harm your image and credibility.

Research indicates 70 percent of callers do not leave messages. If you rely on automated device only, you stand a good chance of losing potential sales and new customers. The facts demonstrate, people appreciate a warm, knowledgeable voice when they call an office or business. In addition to live operator services, Answering Service Care offers a range of other telephone communication tools’ including:

  • Bi-lingual Operators
  • Virtual Office
  • Two-Way SMS
  • Free Local Numbers
  • Free Toll-Free Numbers
  • Medical Answering Services


Answering Service Care understands the needs of professionals and other small business owners. Entrepreneurs and company owners must juggle many things –growing the business, maintaining the existing client base and servicing callers – allow us to manage your phones.

For over 35 years, Answering Service Care has provided answering services to lawyers, physicians and other health care professionals. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and many other service enterprises have thrived using our answering service tools.

Contact an Answering Service Care representative and learn how we can tailor a unique and affordable plan for your Raleigh or Brentwood, North Carolina enterprise.