Livingston New Jersey Answering Service

Situated in Essex County, NJ is the township of Livingston, a smaller community of just under 30,000 residents. However, there are some very interesting statistics about the city to be aware of. For one, the median household income in the state of New Jersey is just over $70,000 annually. In Livingston, it is over $120,000 which is astounding when you consider the state of the US economy overall. Additionally, condo and home prices are nearly double compared to the state average. Livingston is an interesting cultural mix with a number of different ancestries evident such as German, Irish, Italian, Polish, and Russian as well as native born Americans. The unemployment rate where individuals aged 25 or older is concerned is slightly over 2% compared to the national average which is now approaching the 10% mark. Surprisingly, 34.5% of the residents commute to other cities to work their jobs. Taking all of this information into consideration, it can be assumed that Livingston is a thriving community with a solid economic base.

Are businesses in Livingston surviving?

Some smaller businesses in Livingston may be struggling to keep up with the competition in and around the community because the city is situated in close proximity to others such as East Orange and Newark. This could pose a problem for local area businesses considering that commuting factor mentioned in the paragraph above. On the other hand, smaller businesses in the area have managed to keep their operations going and stay a step ahead of their “outside” competitors. So how have some smaller businesses been successful while others are still struggling to keep their heads above water? Although this is not always the case, a number of smaller businesses have analyzed what is going on with their operations which are having a negative impact on their sales and profitability and taking steps to correct these issues. One of the steps that some businesses have taken to improve their sales and profitability is the implementation of a live New Jersey answering service in Livingston.

Do live answering services help?

One of the things that consumers are intolerant of today is the lack of customer service and awareness that some smaller businesses display. When they call to inquire about that company’s products or services and are not able to speak with a live person or just get routed into a voice messaging service, they will most likely hang up and call another company that has what they are looking for. Taking this into consideration, it makes sense that the use of a Livingston live answering service would be the appropriate solution. Answering Service Care has been providing the highest quality and most cost-effective business solutions to smaller businesses throughout the US since 1974. We have helped numerous businesses in Essex County as well, so we are confident that we can provide you with the assistance you need in order to improve your sales and profitability. We offer some of the most feature-rich services and business solutions that you will find anywhere and you now have the opportunity to take advantage of these by setting up your own live answering service in Livingston.

Let us help you succeed

Answering Service Care is dedicated to the success of each one of our clients because we know that if they aren’t successful, we haven’t been either. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality live answering support at a cost that is far less than what you would encounter by hiring a full-time, in-house receptionist. If you would like a list of our services and more information on a live answering service in Livingston, please contact us and someone will contact you within 15 minutes to discuss your needs.