Morris Plains New Jersey Answering Service

The city of Morris Plains, NJ oftentimes claims the name of the “Community of Caring” and is a smaller borough located in Morris County. It is a bedroom community with most of its working residents commuting to New York City. Direct access to the cities of Hoboken and NYC is provided by New Jersey Transit’s Morristown Line which facilitates commuters bound for the Hoboken Terminal and mid-town Manhattan’s Penn Station. So as you can well imagine, Morris Plains is perfectly suited to working commuters. Surprisingly enough, this has not hurt the economic base here in the area as Morris Plains is now the headquarters for the Pfizer Corporation and the former headquarters of Warner-Lambert. The demand for an answering service Morris Plains is constantly increasing. Despite all of the above, the cities median household income exceeds the New Jersey state average of just over $70,000 per year by over $30,000. Additionally, the average price of a condo or house in Morris Plains is $160,000 higher than the average throughout the state.

Smaller businesses need our help

If you own and operate a smaller business in Morris Plains, there is a good possibility that you have your back against the wall because of the commuter factor. It is well known that commuters tend to spend their money in the cities they work in so if you feel your business is suffering, Answering Service Care may be able to help you. Keeping up with the competition in larger communities is never easy especially when you have a smaller business. We can help you overcome that hurdle with our broad range of feature-rich services and business solutions.

About our services

One of the ways that any Morris Plains live New Jersey answering service is valued is based on how broad their range of services is as well as how cost-effective they are. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist, Answering Service Care can provide you with live 24x7x365 support even on holidays and weekends. In fact, we can help you keep your business running during times of a national disaster, one of the features that many of our clients benefited from on September 11th, 2001. We can help you by providing you with a customized package of answering service features and other business solutions that will enable you to keep pace with your local area competition as well as your competitors in surrounding communities. In addition to live operator support, these services and business solutions include:
  • Call center capabilities that are US-based and never outsourced to an overseas country
  • Electronic commerce solutions that will drive more traffic to your website while improving your sales and profitability
  • Fax to e-mail applications that allow you to either download your faxes or forward them to the appropriate department directly from your e-mail
  • Fulfillment services that will enable you to cost-effectively improve your product distribution and warehousing operations
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computerized menu selection system that enables your clients of customers to select the option they need and then be immediately directed to a live person who can assist them
So as you can see, Answering Service Care is not like your ordinary Morris Plains live answering service that only offers standard services. We offer much more than that for you to take advantage of. We can create a virtual office with our state-of-the-art technology that will facilitate your client’s or customer’s needs at the most cost-effective pricing possible so that you can take your business to the next level. If you would like more information on our full range of feature-rich services and business solutions or have more questions regarding setting up a live answering service in Morris Plains for your business, please call us at the toll-free phone number listed above.