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Union County, NJ is the home of Summit, a city that has the 16th highest per-capita income level in the state. What is now known as the township of Summit was originally established in March of 1869 by the New Jersey State Legislature. It would be re-incorporated in March of 1899. Additionally, the area was originally purchased from the original Native American settlers in 1664 when the European colonization of the area began. During the period of the Revolutionary War, Summit was referred to as Beacon Hill. Today, Summit township and the business community are enjoying a solid economy which is evidenced by the fact that the median annual household income is $43,000 higher than the state average. The demand for a Summit answering service has increased and as of 2008, the real estate market revealed that the median price of a condo or home is $956,000 whereas the average throughout the state is $364,000. There is a diverse mix of cultural ancestries including English, German, Irish, Italian, Polish, and Scottish as well as natural born Americans.

The business climate in Summit

Despite the fact that the unemployment rate in Summit is only 2.5% for those individuals that are 25 years or older, there are still some smaller companies that are struggling to keep their operations going. Another interesting fact is that the population of the city increases over 18% during the work week due to commuters traveling into to Summit to work their jobs. This has benefited the local economy because commuters tend to spend some of their money in the cities they work in. However, not all small businesses are enjoying the levels of success that others are. There are a number of reasons for this and not all of them are due to a slumping US economy. Many of them have not taken certain steps to keep pace with the competition and are now struggling to keep their operations going. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to make adjustments in order to maintain sufficient market share and implement certain tools that enable you to do so.

Live answering services can help

Many of the smaller companies that are maintaining profitable business operations have set up a live New Jersey answering service in Summit in order to better serve the needs of their clients or customers. It has enabled them to expand their business into regional and national markets as well which in turn has helped them increase their sales and profitability. Others have further enhanced their business operations by developing websites online in order to reach a larger audience. However, choosing the right one is another story. When you are searching for the best Summit live answering service, there are certain facets of your business operations that you need to address in order to determine if that live answering service can facilitate your specific needs. One of the most critical considerations is being able to identify the specific needs that the Summit answering service needs to address. Knowing how heavy your telephone traffic is continues to be the primary consideration in order to figure out if that Summit live answering service can handle it.

Answering Service Care can help

Answering Service Care has been providing the broadest range of business services and solutions to their clients in Union County and throughout New Jersey since 1974. We can customize a service package that will provide you with a live answering service in Summit that will target your operational needs at the most cost-effective pricing possible. We want you to succeed and we are totally committed to that. If you need more information on our Summit live answering service packages or have any questions, please contact us today at the toll-free phone number listed at the top of this page. You can also fill out our form and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be in touch.