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New York Answering Service
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A Secure, Efficient and Professional New York Answering Service

New York’s magical metropolis, New York City, is the largest city in the United States and one of the largest and most important in the world. It’s the center of international trade, banking, and finance. It’s a BUSINESS BEEHIVE of activity. It’s the city that never sleeps!

That makes it the best place on earth for smart, entrepreneurial, small-business people to find opportunities to prosper and become wealthy – if they work hard, STAY CONNECTED WITH CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS, and make good decisions.

A vital decision for any small business, whether in the “Big Apple” or anywhere else in New York, is to use an experienced, trusted, high-quality New York answering service. You can’t do better than Answering Service Care. 

Our name says it all: We Care.

As an industry leader for over four decades, we know what it takes to help your New York clients better serve their clients with better telephone answering support.

No Long-Term Contract

Our service speaks for itself: We will never obligate you to purchase services or tools you don’t need, and that’s a promise!

Hands-on Client Portal

Access your account 24/7 and in real-time, making changes, accessing information and sharing updates whenever needed.

From Coast-to-Coast

Our highly trained professional live operator team is strategically located throughout the U.S.—and only the U.S.

WOW Your Callers

We will represent you with the highest levels of professionalism, patience, service and efficiency…guaranteed!

You Can’t Afford To Miss A Call, So Call Us!

We’re family-owned and operated, and we’ve been offering the best in answering services since 1974. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our New York answering service offers superior quality. 24×7, 365 days a year, we courteously and professionally answer every telephone call you can’t get to – EVERY PHONE CALL, EVERY TIME.

With our high-tech, state-of-the-art VIRTUAL OFFICE equipment, we not only make sure you don’t miss a call. We also project the MOST IMPRESSIVE IMAGE you could want for your company. Besides our basic New York answering service, we offer a FULL RANGE OF SPECIAL SERVICES, including:

  • Appointment scheduling, confirmations, and cancellations.
  • Full emergency answering services for doctors, dentists, and repair technicians.
  • Your own LOCAL or toll-free 800 number.
  • A VIRTUAL OFFICE, and even a LOCAL address, to use for correspondence and business transactions no matter where you do business in New York.

We’re here to help you get that all-important edge in a highly competitive – and highly lucrative – commercial, financial, legal, and medical marketplace: New York.

  • Trying to get ahead as a startup in the fast-paced maelstrom of New York City?
  • Performing legal or lobbying services in the political cauldron of Albany and the capital district?
  • Practicing medicine, dentistry or law, or handling real estate sales, in quaint suburban villages like Pleasantville or charming upstate “college towns” like Oneonta?

Whatever you do, we can help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS AT A TINY FRACTION OF THE COST of expanding your facilities or hiring more staff. And you certainly can’t afford to spread your offices all over New York. Instead, LET OUR NEW YORK ANSWERING SERVICE BE EVERYWHERE FOR YOU!

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Answering Service
Answering Service
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By The Way, All Of The Above Goes For You Too, Joe The Plumber

That’s right. Like almost all Americans, we share Joe’s work ethic. Our New York answering service is extremely useful not only to doctors, lawyers, stock brokers and other professionals. We also specialize in delivering exactly the same high-quality telephone answering service to virtually all commercial service providers, including:

  • doctors
  • plumbers
  • air-conditioning and refrigerator service and repairs
  • PC tech support providers
  • level-one tech support providers
  • roofers and pavers
  • tree-trimmers
  • swimming-pool cleaners
  • lawn and garden specialists
  • hair stylists

We Love Our Answering Service Clients!

Answering Service
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Why Answering Service Care?

At Answering Service Care, we offer HIPAA-compliant medical phone answering services that not only save time, money and other precious resources, but that also play a significant role in expanding your practice and providing your patients with the top service and personalized attention they deserve. Best of all, we spare you the worry of missing an urgent phone call or having it mishandled – we’ll always be here for you and your patients…and you can count on that! Contact us today at (800) 430-6511 to learn how we can help your practice do more.