Pennsylvania Answering Service

“Welcome to Pennsylvania.”

Most states say that, but in beautiful Pennsylvania we really mean it. This is a diverse state, so people here know how to treat one another, and visitors as well.

But there’s plenty more. Did you know, for instance, that Pennsylvania is a commonwealth? You have to figure it’s a good sign when a place makes wealth part of its identity!
You truly can prosper here, if you know your business and are wise enough to use a good Pennsylvania answering service.

Much of Pennsylvania’s wealth comes from small businesses like yours: medical, legal, technical, service-and-repair – you name it. And more and more small businesses are finding that a top-quality answering service is a major component of their success.

Answering Service Care is THE best Pennsylvania answering service.

Our live telephone operators are intelligent, fully trained, and equipped with the latest and best technology. We provide a full array of telephone answering services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – or only when you need them.
From Allentown to Johnstown, we’ll fulfill all of your Pennsylvania answering service needs. We’re the most experienced and trusted name in the business. We’ll fully customize our services to meet your exact specifications.

Our Pennsylvania answering services include:

  • Appointment scheduling, confirmations and cancellations.
  • Full emergency contact services for medical professionals, repair technicians, etc.
  • Your own local or toll-free 800 phone number.
  • A virtual office, and even a local address, to use for correspondence and business transactions.

In this 21st-century, globalized economy, everyone needs a way to both grow their business and save money. A top-quality Pennsylvania answering service like Answering Service Care is the ideal way to do both.

No matter what field you’re in – medical, legal, technical, service-and-repair; the list is endless – our professional, experienced staff will handle your calls with the same care and sensitivity as you would yourself.
The big advantage is that, by using our Pennsylvania answering service, you can save yourself the expense of hiring more staff or expanding facilities as you watch your business grow.

Here’s a partial list of businesses we serve:

  • doctors and other medical professionals
  • lawyers and private investigators
  • PC tech support providers
  • plumbers
  • roofers and pavers
  • tree, lawn and garden specialists
  • air conditioning, refrigerator, and appliance maintenance and repair

Since our founding right here in Pennsylvania in 1974, our family-owned and -operated company has been guided by a simple, dual philosophy: stay current with the latest technology, but maintain the old-fashioned touch.
From Pottsville to Pittsburgh, our Pennsylvania answering service, with its professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment, gives you that unbeatable combination.

We don’t outsource. In every way, we speak your language. You’ll never miss a call, and every caller will get a good first impression of your business.

If you want to compete with other small businesses in your field, you need a Pennsylvania answering service you can trust and rely on. Answering Service Care has been proving its reliability for 39 years.

Our name says it all: WE CARE.

Here are just some of the Pennsylvania cities we serve.

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Erie
  • Upper Darby
  • Reading
  • Scranton
  • Bethlehem
  • Lower Merion
  • Bensalem
  • Lancaster
  • Abington
  • Bristol
  • Levittown
  • Harrisburg
Answering Service Care services all 50 states and many countries internationally. This nationwide answering service works to connect the globe at the efficiency and speed that your company deserves.

Wherever you are, in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, we’re here for you. And remember:
Every call, every time, we show how much we CARE.