Telephone Answering Service Mammoth PA

Located in Westmoreland County and to the southeast of Pittsburgh is the city of Mammoth. It is a smaller community and companies in the area rely on regional and national business as well as from their local patrons. Today’s economy has caused numerous companies to utilize a variety of different business tools for expanding and growing their operations. Suffice it to say, it is quite a challenge at, especially in smaller towns like Mammoth. At one time, Mammoth played a significant role in the coal mining industry.

As a business owner, one of those business tools mentioned above that you employ in order to keep your doors open is a live Pennsylvania answering service in Mammoth. Although that is easy enough to say, selecting one is oftentimes challenging. There are literally hundreds of them available. Unfortunately, not all of them can provide with much more than the basic or standard services.

Here are some suggestions for services to look for when selecting the best Mammoth live answering service at the most cost-effective pricing:

  • local and/or toll-free phone numbers
  • live operators available around the clock – no automated systems or voice-mail systems
  • cost-effective and efficient message delivering and receiving capabilities
  • emergency or disaster dispatching capabilities
  • live receptionists who are available during regular business hours
  • coverage anytime after regular business hours inclusive of holidays and weekends
  • 24/7/365 customer support


Granted, most of the live answering services out there offer the above. However, the better answering service companies will offer you other business solutions that will enable you to expand and grow your company operations.

Answering Service Care has been helping companies since 1974 and providing them with a number of business solutions that go above and beyond the standard services mentioned above. Here are some services that we offer which you should consider if you want to expand and grow your business to the next level:

Dedicated or shared call center systems – you can chat with clients or customers or e-mail them, as well as generating leads and conducting telemarketing campaigns

Disaster or emergency response – medical professionals and service industry technicians can be dispatched quickly in order to meet the needs of your clients or customers

Fax to e-mail capabilities – all your business faxes through your company e-mail. You can open the e-mail attachment, see the fax, and then print the document

IVR (Interactive voice response) – a computerized system that enables your clients or customers to select the customer service option they are searching for from a voice menu which then directs them to a knowledgeable and trained live operator who can assist them with their specific needs.

For more information regarding our services, feel free to contact Answering Service Care through our e-mail system here at our website or by telephoning the toll-free number listed at the top of this page.