Telephone Answering Service West Chester PA

The city of West Chester is located in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania and has roughly 20,000 residents. Despite its smaller populace, the city of West Chester’s economy has numerous bright spots including educational services, health care, manufacturing, professional trades, real estate, and a solid retail and wholesale sector. Suffice it to say, many businesses have continued to flourish despite the instability of the US economy in the past 2 years.

Aside from the more innovative advertising and marketing strategies one of the most significant business tools that many West Chester businesses have employed is a live Pennsylvania answering service which enables companies to better serve their clients or customers. If the core business philosophy of your company is superior customer service, there is no better way to provide that than with a live answering service in West Chester. No matter what time of the day or night it is, when your clients or customers have specific needs, they can be resolved.

Our family-owned and operated live answering service has been assisting companies since 1974 and can enable your company to achieve the expansion and growth you desire. Your business will benefit in three different ways as follows:

  • we use high-tech, state-of-the-art virtual office equipment and technology in order to facilitate your specific business operational needs
  • you will never miss an important client appointment or customer call
  • your company image will be enhanced


As with other West Chester answering service companies, we provide you with all the standard features such as:

  • either local or toll-free telephone numbers so that you can serve clients or customers on a regional and national basis
  • live operators instead of automated voice-mail systems
  • cost-effective and efficient message delivery and receiving
  • emergency or service industry dispatching capabilities
  • dedicated live receptionists available during regular business hours for customer service and sales issues
  • complete around the clock coverage after business hours including holidays and weekends (24/7/365 live customer support)


The services listed above are all standard and those are just common sense where today’s economy is concerned and should be part of the package. However, in addition to the few services that other West Chester answering services offer, we have other solutions available that will enable you to expand your business regionally and nationally including:

Dedicated or shared call center systems – includes live chat customer service, e-mail systems, lead generation capabilities, and telemarketing assistance

Disaster or emergency response – dispatching capabilities for emergency or medical professionals as well as service industry technicians

Fax to e-mail technology – receive all your business faxes directly to your company e-mail, open the attachments, view the fax, and then print out the document

IVR (Interactive voice response) – a computerized system for selecting the proper client or customer service option and then directs them to live assistants who will assist them with their specific needs.

For more information regarding our services, feel free to contact Answering Service Care through our e-mail system here at our website or by telephoning the toll-free number listed at the top of this page.