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We answer your phones, speak to your customers, and transfer calls to create the best experience possible for your callers.

The Best Virtual Office Answering Service Since 1974

Skilled agents and cutting-edge technology create an environment where our virtual office answering service thrives. A friendly live voice answers your phone 24/7 and transfers calls acting as an extension of your company. If you are not available, we can take a message and send it to you at your convenience.

Your virtual call answering agents receive industry-specific training, so when they answer the phone, your callers will think they’re speaking directly to the receptionist from your office. Making a great first impression is imperative. We will always strive to make that impression an exceptional one, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house assistant!

Here’s What Makes Us the Best Virtual Office Answering Service!

A constantly ringing phone is the sound of a successful business. But if you can’t keep up or would rather spend your time focusing on other tasks, our virtual phone answering team can jump in and provide the personalized service your callers expect. In addition to offering warm greetings and seamless call transfers, here are some of the features a live virtual receptionist service can offer to your business.

Appointment Scheduling

Our agents coordinate with callers to schedule, update, and cancel appointments in real-time.

Secure Mobile App

Check your messages and manage your account from wherever you are using the ASC Mobile app on your smartphone.

Bilingual Operators

Better serve your Spanish-speaking callers when you opt for our fluent and highly trained bilingual answering service team. After all, it is no longer just a show of good business. It is expected that Spanish-speaking customers should be able to communicate with your business. Better communication starts here!

CRM Integrations

Take advantage of our web-to-lead service option and see how powerful your CRM strategy can be. An efficient and cost-effective way to power up your lead-generation efforts!

Spam Blocker

Answering Service Care’s Spam Blocker feature offers an extra layer of protection by filtering out automated spam calls before they are ever answered. This saves our time and effort just as much as yours and prevents your lines from being bogged down.

Custom On-Hold Music

Keep your customers focused and interested in your company while they’re waiting their turn in the phone queue. Play music, relay important information and more! Since this feature is customizable, you can really implement something that demonstrates your business.

Always Available

Our virtual agents are ready to personally greet and assist your customers day and night, 365 days a year.

On-Call Schedule

Update your on-call schedule in real-time quickly and easily with our secure, intuitive On-Call Calendar management tool.

Disaster Recovery

Having a customized disaster recovery plan in place goes a long way if and when disaster strikes. Always be prepared and make sure your answering phone service is part of the plan!

Email Marketing

Follow up phone conversations with an email immediately after your caller hangs up. Send powerful emails quickly and affordably!

Many Ways to Get in Touch

Whether it’s telephone, email, text message, or web chat, our live virtual office answering service can assist customers through their preferred communication method.

HIPAA Compliant

Our medical trained-agents receive comprehensive training to ensure that every communication is handled with HIPAA-compliant care and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Answering Service Care’s virtual call answering agents work remotely to manage a variety of business’ incoming communications via telephone, email, text message, and live chat. In addition to greeting and assisting customers 24/7, a virtual office can help with the following tasks:

When referring to our award-winning team, the word ‘virtual’ describes the sophisticated technology working behind-the-scenes to power every call—supporting (never replacing) real, live human connections.

Here is how Answering Service Care might answer your office’s inbound calls:

  1. We greet your caller. “Thank you for calling ABC Company, how may I help you today?”
  1. If you’re unavailable, we’ll take a message or offer the caller a voicemail or to leave a message with the receptionist. “Thank you for holding, Debra, Michael is away at the moment. May I take down your name and number so that they can reach out to you?”
  1. We send an email, text, or app notification with the caller’s message. “Debra is a potential new client seeking your services. Her phone number is…”
    If you are available, we dial your line. “I’d be happy to try the attorney’s line for you Debra. Will you hold for just a moment, please?”
  1. If you’re available, we connect you with your caller. “Hi Michael, I have a potential new client on the line. Her name is Debra. Would you like the call?”

Our 100% U.S. based virtual agents are educated, experienced, and tech-savvy. They possess a wide range of computer skills and a high level of proficiency with commonly used applications. Our virtual call answering team also receive ongoing training that focuses on customer service skills, operating our internal and keyboard systems, learning about different businesses and industries, and practicing in real-life call scenarios on live calls.

How Can a Virtual Office Strengthen my Business?

A constantly ringing phone is the sound of a successful business. But if you can’t keep up or would rather spend your time focusing on other tasks, our virtual call agents can jump in and provide the personalized service your callers expect. In addition to offering warm greetings and seamless call transfers, here are some of the ways live virtual receptionist services can support and strengthen your business:

It saves you time and money.

When you say “hello” to a virtual office, you say “goodbye” to recruiting and training costs, employee turnover, overtime and holiday pay, lost business opportunities, and more.

Back up your office staff.

What could you accomplish with a few extra hours in your day? Without the distraction of a constantly ringing phone, you and your staff will be able to get so much more done!

It helps you stay reachable.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, our “Find Me, Follow Me” numbers ensure that callers will be able to reach you and your staff quickly and easily. Staying connected means fewer missed business opportunities, and your callers will appreciate you being there for them.

Be available to customers 24/7.

Get more work done or enjoy some much-needed time off while resting assured that your virtual receptionist has you covered- day, night, weekends, and even on holidays!

Personalized greetings and service= happy customers.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Our friendly receptionists will “wow” your customers with their warm, professional greetings, smooth call transfers, and personalized service.

Look more professional with a toll-free number.

A toll-free phone number not only makes your business look more established, but it can also be easier for your customers to remember. Your customers will appreciate the accessibility and feel more valued.

Better assist Spanish-speaking customers.

Bilingual virtual agents not only make your Spanish-speaking callers feel more comfortable doing business with you, but they also eliminate missed appointments due to miscommunications.

Highly skilled in your industry.

Our experienced team have worked with businesses just like yours and they will always sound professional and knowledgeable to your customers. In fact, most won’t even realize that they’re not part of your full-time staff!

Serve more communities with local phone numbers.

People love to support local businesses. Answering Service Care can provide you with local phone numbers wherever you do business, enabling you to attract new customers nationwide without opening additional offices.

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