El Paso TX Answering Service

Answering Service Care services El Paso, Fort Bliss and Biggs Field, Texas businesses that understand the advantages of hiring a professional Texas answering service to handle their telephone callers. These companies have freed up valuable resources in one of the most critical areas of their companies; but still deliver a high level of customer service. El Paso, originally called Franklin, became a part of the U.S. when Texas joined the union in 1845. El Paso received its corporate charter in 1873. The extension of the railroad into the area in 1881 contributed to the town’s commercial development and put it on the road to becoming a modern city.

El Paso serves as a port of entry into the United States from Mexico. The local economy consists of a mix of plastics, automotive, food processing high technology and medical-device manufacturing. Starting in the 90’s, El Paso transitioned into a service-oriented economy. The city has a population of 665,000 residents. With so many service enterprises competing for the same consumer and business dollars, Answering Service Care specializes in help these types of companies stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

With over three decades in the telephone answering service industry, Answering Service Care appreciates the demands placed on service-related businesses. Working with all sizes and types of industries our background afford us unique insights and expertise concerning the “best practices” successful companies employ to rise to the top of their field. We provide El Paso,

Socorro and Horizon City business enterprises with professional, warm, courteous, and high-skilled live operators. Adding this feature along may propel may ensure your customers, clients or patient a better customer experience. Some other tools Answering Service Care offers include:

  • Bilingual phone representatives
  • Message forwarding and retrieval services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Virtual office
  • Call center and virtual office
  • Toll-free and local telephone numbers


Answering Service Care offers any combination of services you need for you venture – than start-up entrepreneurs and seasoned companies across the nation who works relentlessly to improve upon their products, pricing or services. However, the quality of your phone communications may have a more significant effect on your image and credibility than you think.
When business consultant and marketing guru Dan Kennedy conducted a survey, 68 percent of the clients responded that they leave businesses because they feel “unappreciated, unimportant and taken for granted.” In some industries, a five percent reduction in the number of customers running off to your competitors may increase your profits anywhere from 25 to 125 percent. Studies also show companies that retain one customer realize five to seven times more profit compared to attracting a new customer. Hire Answering Service Care to help you improve you customer retention.

If you plan to expand your business, we offer a low-cost alternative to employing additional personnel to manage additional customers. Contact Answering Service Care to learn how we can tailor a plan for your company.