Best Answering Service Suffolk, VA

Is your business lagging due to missed calls? Maybe it is time to hire a live answering service Suffolk service. For larger corporations, overcoming the economic downturn and dealing with the slow period of recovery was considerably easier than it was for many small businesses. These smaller businesses were fighting an uphill battle but some of them managed to deal with this dilemma by being creative with their marketing endeavors. Additionally, many of them turned to a professional live answering service Suffolk to counteract the downturn in the economy and keep up with their competitors.

Suffolk is the largest Commonwealth of Virginia City and has a population of 84,585 according to the 2010 census. It is located in Virginia’s Hampton Roads metro area and was originally founded as a Nansemond River port town in 1742. Suffolk is currently the home to a diverse mix of distribution, farming, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, and retail businesses although the area is still a major peanut processing center and transportation (highway and railway) hub. Live answering service Suffolk can help most of the industries such as:

  • Lawyers, detectives
  • Medical professionals including paramedics and doctors
  • IT technicians and support services
  • Air conditioning, electricians, heating, plumbing services
  • Movers, haulers and towing services
  • Real estate developers and contractors
  • Roofers, carpenters and pavers
  • Landscapers and garden specialists
  • Educational services and tutors
  • Tour guides, travel companies and charter boat operators

There are numerous benefits of hiring our live answering service Suffolk, VA as we are cost effective with quality services. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Assistance of live operators 24/7
  • Emergency alerts and services for doctors, repair and other service industries
  • Toll-free 800 numbers and local phone numbers providing more credibility
  • Appointment scheduling, reminder service and alerts
  • Call forwarding and message retrieval services
  • Sales lead regeneration and ecommerce store facilities

Let Answering Service Care help your small business

Answering Service Care is a family owned and operated live answering service Suffolk Company that has been assisting clients since 1974 and enabling them to grow their business by expanding their reach from local area markets to regional and national areas. Being an American company with three operating facilities, you will never have to worry about your live answering service Suffolk being outsourced to a foreign country. In the meantime, you will be able to take advantage of our cutting edge technologies so that your phone traffic is handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our services are feature-rich which provides you and your company with live virtual phone receptionists who greet your clients or customers professionally in such a manner that they will feel that they have been put in direct contact with your headquarters or home office. Your callers will speak to a fully trained live operator whenever they contact your company. Additionally, they will always be speaking with a receptionist who speaks their language and can understand them and their needs. For more information regarding a live answering service in Suffolk, you can contact us today at the toll-free number 800-430-6511.