Answering Service in Virginia Beach VA

Are you looking to enhance your business image? Worried about missing out on calls after office hours? Most Virginia Beach businesses face the same. But with the assistance of a live answering service Virginia Beach, Virginia you can get an edge over local competitors. Not only that, there are numerous business and communication solutions that a live answering service Virginia Beach provides to help small and large businesses expand their services.

Located at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline is the independent city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Known for hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its miles of beaches, Virginia Beach is a resort city and extremely popular tourist destination on the Atlantic seaboard. The East Coast Surfing Championships are held here annually as well as the North American Sand Soccer Championships. It is also the home to a number of large corporations, numerous historic sites, several protected beach areas, several state parks, three military bases, and two universities.

Benefiting from a live answering service

When you are a smaller business, major economic downturns like what the US experienced during 2008-09 as well as the slow recovery period of 2010, you are struggling every day to keep your doors opened. Competition can be furious and keeping up with current market trends can be extremely challenging. So what do you do to counteract these economic factors when you own a smaller company? You get creative with your marketing endeavors and your day-to-day business operations and hire a live answering service Virginia Beach, VA

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to hire a live answering service Virginia Beach to handle your customer service needs and take care of your incoming phone traffic. A family owned and operated company like Answering Service Care may just be the solution to your problems. Imagine having a live receptionist handling your client or customer needs on a 24/7/365 basis, even on holidays and weekends. Additionally, consider the fact that this is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time individual to handle these issues.

Here is some of our answering service features that help our customers improve and enhance their business:

  • Bi-lingual live operators to help the customers 24/7
  • Emergency alert services of doctors, repair and service operators
  • Virtual office set-up and maintenance
  • Call center facilities and e-Commerce store setup
  • Call forwarding, message retrieval service and routing calls
  • Email, fax and VoIP conference facilities
  • Sales leads generation and image enhancing
  • Get toll free 800 numbers and avail local area numbers for the business

You will never miss another phone call or important appointment with live answering service Virginia Beach, VA whether you are in your office or out in the field. In addition to this, our auto attendant feature ensures that your clients or customers will reach the proper department or personnel that they are looking for and our call recording feature ensures that you will hear every incoming message verbatim. For more information about Answering Service Care and our Virginia Beach live answering service packages, you can contact us at the toll-free number 800-430-6511 today.