Kennewick WA Answering Service

Your Kennewick, Washington service-related businesses need Answering Service Care to help deliver superior telephone service. Our basic Washington answering service solutions start with our warm, courteous and professional live agents who get to know your operations and your callers. Whether you service the local residents of Kennewick, WA, national or international markets, we have over 35 years of experience in the answering service industry we can put to work for your business or profession. Situated in Bento County, and incorporated in February 1904, Kennewick is the largest of the three cities in the region known as the Tri-Cities; Pasco and Richland are the other two cities.

Kennewick has a population of over 67,100. The Tri-City area has a light industrial base; retail trade also makes significant contribution to local commerce. In addition, the region has over 100 wineries within a 50-mile drive. Many Kennewick businesses can immediately benefit from Answering Service Care cutting-edge answering service solutions whether they cater to other companies or to residential customers and clientele. We work with each client to help formulate a plan that addresses the needs of your operation. You instruct us on how to answer your calls and to dispatch them when necessary. You also tell us how to handle your messages.

As an accredited and internationally acclaimed answering service company, we understand that each of our clients has its own culture and distinctions. Therefore, we assign a Client Care Team to each account. The agent becomes knowledgeable about the nuances of your business or office. Each caller not only hears a familiar voice, but receives individualized treatment when they call. The “CARE” we render to our clients and their callers has enable Answering Service Care to grow a family-owned and operated company into a global leader in the answering service industry.

In a fast-paced world, customers, client and patients often look for an immediate respond to their phone calls. Voice mails and menu prompts may cause you to lose customers. Seven out of ten callers will not leave a message on a voice mail. In fact, many of them go on to dial up your competitors. Start-ups that want to project an image and the credibility of a large company can hire Answering Service Care. Our live operators make it their mission that every caller gets the necessary attention, competence and professionalism. Established companies looking to cut cost can have the flexibility of a high-performing staff without the expenses associated with hiring and training their own personnel.

Answering Service Care telephone answering service solutions may represent the most dependable and cost-effective way to have high-quality phone service; and, you will you never miss a call. Contact one of our agents to discuss how we can begin making a difference in your profession or business. Whether you need live operators, bi-lingual live operators, appointment scheduling or other telephone communication tools, we can help. Contact Answering Service Care to manage your phone evenings, weekends or 24×7.