Answering Service in Olympia Washington

Many Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater business owners depend on Answering Service Care to manage their telephones while they grow and expand their enterprises. We are a family-owned and operated enterprise that has accumulated 35 years of experience on the road to becoming the premier company in the Washington answering service industry. In times of economic challenges, or during periods of economic prosperity, even if you have a superior product or service, the success of your business hinges on the perception of your operations in the eyes of customers or patients. One bad telephone experience can send loyal clientele scrambling for your competitors.

The Coastal Salish Tribes lived in the area now called Olympia long before the first American settlers moved into the area in 1846. It receives a corporate charter in 1859. Olympia’s original economic base evolved around port facilities lumber, dairying and oyster farming. Olympia’s present economy revolves around manufacturing, warehousing distribution. Medical services also play an important role in the local economy. With a population base of over 42,500 residents, and 1000s of service-related businesses, consumers and other businesses expect telephone answering service that responds to their needs quickly and effectively. Answering Service Care can provide Olympia business enterprises with superior services that set you apart from the competition.

We can customize answering service solutions that fit your exact needs. Many Olympia businesses use Answering Service Care as the primary contact point for their callers. Our well-trained live operators exudes courtesy, competence and cost less than you might think. Many physicians and other health care professionals rely on us to ensure their patients can reach them every time, especially in times of medical emergencies. Heating and air conditioning technicians go into the field to provide service and depend on Answering Service Care live operators to handle their phone calls for service. We work with businesses in nearly every sector of the economy, so we understand the importance of telephone communication for your valuable customers, clients or patients.

Answering Service Care live operators cost far less than hiring your own personnel to answer phones. Business owner do not have to spend resources on office space, office furniture, or pay salaries, vacations and other benefits. Beside live operator services, we have other telephone communication solutions, which include:

  • Two-way SMS
  • Virtual office
  • Emergency dispatch services
  • Bi-lingual live operators
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Interactive Voice Response

Many smart business people start with our basic live operator services and add other solutions as they see fit.
Answering Service Care is family-owned and operated with over three decades of valuable experience working with a diverse range of businesses across multiple sectors. We have a keen understanding of what sets most businesses apart from their competition when every thing else is equal – customer service. We have survived through all types of economic climates because we develop trust and loyalty from our valued clients. We also stay abreast of the latest telephone communications technology. Answering Service Care can put this successful approach to work for any professional or service-related business in the Olympia, Washington area.