Answering Service in Vancouver Washington

Vancouver, Washington business enterprises may find it beneficial to team up with Answering Service Care, especially if they intend to keep their costs down and simultaneously expand the operations. Besides presenting an inexpensive alternative to hiring staff, one of the other advantages of our state of the art Washington answering service solutions – you do not have to buy any equipment to buy. Whether you offer professional or support services for the business or residential market, the quality of your telephone customer service can make or break your operations.

Located on the Columbia River, the Hudson’s Bay Company settled Fort Vancouver, which received recognition as a military outpost. The town expands as the gold rush in eastern Washington and Idaho brought river traffic and stimulated economic prosperity. Vancouver received its corporate charter in 1857. The city’s economic development went along the line of timber and the fur trade and agricultural crops, such as prunes, apples and strawberry. Today, the local economy has diversified into technology and service-related jobs. Answering Service Care has over three decades of experience servicing businesses from all areas of the economy.

Countless numbers of Vancouver businesses have plans and strategies that enable them to stay abreast of current economic and industry trends. In addition, many business enterprise owners realize the importance of outsourcing and implementing certain services that not only allows them to cut expenses, but to enhance their operations. Choosing to collaborate with Answering Service Care ensures your clients customers or patients receive the service they deserve. Our mission centers on callers to your businesses having the best experience possible.

You can choose from any number of answering service solutions, including our basic live operator telephone answering service. Our professional fully trained staff greets your callers in a warm caring manner and services them according to your instructions. One-person operations, small or large businesses, it makes economic sense to consider the benefits of hiring Answering Service Care to handle your phones. Instead of concerns about hiring staff, and providing salary, training and benefits, allow us to fulfill this component of your operations. Meanwhile, you can focus on building other aspects of your Vancouver, WA business.

Some of the telephone answering service solution Answering Service Care can provide includes:

  • HIPAA compliant medical answering service
  • Bilingual answering service
  • Emergency dispatch service
  • Virtual office
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Interactive Voice Response

Most small operations do not have the personnel to deliver the quality of customer service their customer deserves. Many large companies have downsized their operations. Answering Service Care offers these solutions for far less than what you would pay for your own in-house staff. You do not have to concern yourself with salaries, vacation benefits or office space. Allow us to service your customers, clients, or patients during evenings, weekends or 24×7. Answering Service Care can make sure you never miss another call while you focus on building other areas of your business.