3 Great Reasons to Smile More Often

Why You Should Smile More Often

It was a challenging year in 2020 when, at the lowest point, all hope seemed lost. People were stuck in their homes, and businesses were not doing well. The pandemic has been tough for most people, so kindness and positivity are more important than ever.

Smiling is a quick, easy way to make yourself and others feel better. It is something that most of us do every day— oftentimes without even realizing it. Not only are smiles contagious, but they can also improve your health, help you perform better at work, and achieve more success. Below we will discuss three great reasons why you should smile more often.

1. Smiling can benefit your health

Smiling releases several substances in the brain that can improve your overall mood and health:

  • Endorphins are the most powerful for pain-relieving and a feeling of well-being.
  • Serotonin is responsible for blocking the harmful effects of cortisol, which releases during times of stress and anxiety. In addition, serotonin calls on even more chemicals in the brain to help fight depression.
  • While you’ve got that big grin on your face, more natural substances like dopamine help fight infection. It sends an army of natural compounds to help boost your immune function. So, keep smiling since it’s probably going to keep that cold from getting worse.

What’s surprising is that faking your smile can do all that. First, it tricks your body into thinking that you are happy. And eventually, you realize that it’s true.

2. Smiling helps you perform better at work

It may not seem fair, but supervisors favor those employees who smile more often. That’s because there’s a better connection to the customer when you serve them with a smile. And that, in turn, helps the company’s bottom line.

Smiling also increases productivity. It brings out a sense of contentment that few employees ever attain. However, the opposite is true. Those who seldom smile find themselves stuck in negative feelings and often work much slower than their happier co-workers.

Smiling also creates better connections to other people. Those who smile often create less friction in the workplace. And since no one wants to work next to a negative person, smiling creates a better working environment for everyone.

3. Smiling is a great leadership tool

Managers who smile often become better leaders. That’s because smiling fosters a sense of trust between managers and subordinates. It also shows that people at the top care for the people working below them. This human connection is vital to a healthy working relationship within an organization.

Leaders who smile often will also build client trust. That’s because business managers who appear happy draw successful people to them. And every business desires a database full of clients.

Keep smiling!

The most crucial takeaway here is that smiling enhances our lives. It not only improves our health, but it transforms our relationships. With that said, remember that there is always something to smile about, and keep smiling!

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