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Professional And Human, Too

When you work in the funeral home industry, answering phones with the very highest levels of compassion, discretion, and professionalism is a must. What’s more – and certainly, you know this better than anyone – your business isn’t one with “traditional” office hours.

The expectation from your callers and their families is that you will be open and available 24/7/365, without exception. For these and other reasons, many funeral and funeral-related businesses are choosing to outsource their answering needs to the professionals. Outsourcing answering services for funeral homes ensures you will deliver exceptional customer service and always answer the phone. Some of the funeral-related businesses are:

  • Funeral Homes
  • Mortuary Services
  • Crematory Services
  • Cemeteries
  • Religious Services
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Hire A Funeral Answering Service To Support You And Your Families

As an industry leader for over four decades, our funeral directors answering service knows what it takes to help your funeral home better serve your families and their callers by improving telephone answering support.

Our funeral home answering service is a partner, not a call center. It is best to think of us as an extension of your business. This is because we do things your way, as opposed to making you adapt to ours.

You already have a workflow, as well as a staff of full time and perhaps additional part time employees. These all have respective jobs to do, and constantly keeping an eye on the phone can be burdensome, and get in the way of regular workflow.

Additionally, these employees (as well as you) have lives, and cannot be expected to answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It just isn’t feasible. This is where we come in!

Focus on Your Clients by using our Funeral Home Answering Service

When people call a funeral home, it is typically a sensitive issue. Whether someone has lost a loved one and they are calling to make funeral arrangements on the spot. Or, perhaps they are calling to inquire about service times.

Someone might be in the planning process, and wants to discuss what a funeral typically entails and has a series of questions to go through. These calls take time and require a person on the other end to be attentive and respectful. Not only do our funeral home receptionists have the temperament for such a role, but your clients will feel appreciative.

In these moments, your clients want to feel like they are being heard. They want to feel like they are the most important person at that moment. With a talented and professional funeral home answering service on your side, they will.

And they will feel this way regardless of when they call. Because with the right answering solutions for funeral services, nothing slips through the cracks, and no one is left unheard.

While we provide a long list of answering solutions for funeral services, here is a high level list of some of our more popular options. It is important to note that just like every funeral service is unique, it tends to take advantage of the answering solutions that make the most sense. However, these solutions tend to be appreciated by just about everyone:

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Over 50 Years of Experience in the Funeral Home Industry

24/7 Live Coverage

Our live funeral answering service will cover your phone lines day and night, weekends, and holidays.

Specialized Training

Our funeral call answering service will treat your families as if they were our own.

Good Financial Sense

The ROI on your funeral answering service investment can be significant.

Whatever Your Caller Needs

Our answering service for funeral directors is here to answer questions, make appointments, and give directions.

Compassionate Faces That Care

Every time someone representing your business picks up the phone, your reputation is on the line. Both live conversations, as well as the messages your callers leave, are at the core of what you do, and nothing can be missed or overlooked.

From providing basic information such as location and directions to setting up appointments to relaying messages in real-time, your funeral answering service will work closely with you and your team to get things right each and every time. Your answering service for funeral homes will do everything in its power to make customers feel heard and listened to.

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Improve Internal Efficiency

Partnering with an answering service for funeral directors will aid your clients’ concerns and make sure they are being well-received when they call. However, your funeral home answering service will also make your internal workflow more efficient.

Since calls are being taken care of, and disruptions will decrease, your employees will be able to focus on their jobs. This means more productivity on the daily workflow, and more efficiency overall. And then, when it comes time for someone to take or return a call, it is more designated and allows for your staff’s full attention.

We’re an Answering Service Working with the Funeral Industry

If you’re the director or on staff at a funeral home or cemetery, you are associated with the cremation business. If you sell plots and caskets, we know you are busy and that every call you receive requires careful attention and the human touch. Our funeral home answering services will ensure every single call is answered and every customer is given full and undivided attention.

Since 1974, our team of professional virtual receptionists has been working with businesses throughout the country, including your colleagues in the funeral business. Our fully U.S.-based, bilingual team is trained to offer equal parts compassion and information, understanding, and professionalism.

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No Long-Term Contract

Our clients stay with our funeral answering service because we meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Our funeral call answering service calls for no obligation and no hard sell.

Same Day Setup

When you are ready, our funeral call answering service can get you up and running in one day. We will make the entire process easy and efficient!

Free Mobile App

As an answering service for funeral homes, we believe in empowering our clients to manage their services in the most user-friendly way possible.

97.6 Customer Satisfaction

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We Love Our Funeral Answering Service Clients!

While we can continue boasting about our top notch funeral home answering services and our long-time experience, nobody says it better than our clients.

Scroll through our reviews to see what real clients are saying about us. We take pride knowing that we are a strong partner to the funeral industry, and all sorts of industries.

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