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Incoming calls are the lifeblood of real estate and property management offices, and the phone rarely stops ringing. From commercial properties to condos, a real estate agent needs to be available whenever their client needs them. And let’s face it, the real estate business moves fast. Things are off the market almost as quickly as they are on in some instances. You know this, but your client knows this as well.

After all, real estate is an industry centered around people, and they tend to have questions at all hours of the day. It can quickly become overwhelming to answer calls while also accomplishing all the necessary tasks to keep your business successful. How do real estate professionals keep clients happy around the clock? 

There’s a simple solution: a professional answering service like Answering Service Care. We’ve built our entire business on helping people like you keep the phones covered and clients satisfied. Our highly trained real estate receptionist team is part of an award-winning real estate live answering service that has been supporting clients from all industries and professions since 1974. We are not just another call center; we are industry veterans with a proven track record of excellence.

With our decades of experience, we’ve put together this short guide to help you learn about what an answering service is and how it can be an excellent option for real estate agents and property management professionals. Let’s get started!

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What Is an Answering Service for Real Estate Agents?

An answering service for real estate agents is a service that is available 24/7 to catch each call that comes your way. In this industry, business moves quickly; properties can be sold within minutes of being put on the market. Part of providing your amazing customer service is being available the moment your client needs you. After all, fast action is the name of the game! A real estate answering service ensures you’ll never miss a call or message, giving you and your clients a competitive edge in a crowded, quick-paced industry. 

Like you and your real estate team, our answering service pros give all of your callers the attention and professionalism they deserve. They get the information you need, according to your exact specifications, and help you turn prospects into clients. An answering service can help many areas of real estate, like:

  • Property management
  • Homeowners associations
  • Real estate agencies

With real estate answering services from Answering Service Care, you get phone tree options, live telephone answering 24/7, and the option to reroute calls to the operator when call times are heaviest. This ensures that your clients never sit on hold or hear an endless busy signal. Best of all, choosing a live operator realtor answering service also gives you a distinct edge over the competition.

Leading the Way in Real Estate Answering Services

Our realtor answering service offers your real estate operation the support and resources it needs, giving you what you need to run things more efficiently and profitably.

Live Operator

Courteous, competent, and cost-effective trained live operators.

Fax To Email

With our live real estate answering service, you will receive faxes instantly in your email inbox. No fax machine needed!

Appointment Scheduling

Never miss an appointment – or an opportunity for an appointment.

Bilingual Answering Services

Our U.S.-based bilingual operators are fluent and the best in the business.

What Is a Property Management Answering Service?

A property management answering service is a way for every call from prospective tenants and current occupants to be answered quickly and correctly. The stakes are quite high—you don’t want to miss an opportunity to fill an empty property or upset a tenant with an urgent maintenance request by missing a call. With a live real estate answering service to relay after-hours messages, you can get time-sensitive lead calls and other important messages as they come in. By working with the best answering service for real estate, like Answering Service Care, you can show more properties to potential tenants, get pricing updates faster, and work deals when the details are fresh. Live real estate answering services can help keep a potential tenant from moving on to another house or another real estate professional.

Not only that, but people respond much more positively to a live operator than they do to an answering machine or automated service. And on your end, you will be freed up to do more sales, client interactions, or marketing – whatever is the best use of your time and skills. Using a professional answering service means you can provide exceptional customer service whenever the need arises—and you know how often calls come in!

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How Do I Choose an Answering Service as a Real Estate Professional?

Whether you are a real estate agent or a property manager, you need customized options for your answering service. But that’s just the start of what you should look for! Let’s take a look at some general functionalities you should look for in this industry and then some specific needs for both real estate agents and property management professionals.

24/7 Coverage

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the answering service companies you’re considering provide coverage for after-hours, nights, weekends, and holidays. The entire point is to catch every inquiry that comes in, so it just won’t cut it if the service you’re considering doesn’t provide comprehensive coverage. 

Skilled Operators

The person picking up the phone can make or break the transaction. The best phone answering service is one that provides professionally trained operators who are familiar with your specific industry. That’s what you’ll find at Answering Service Care. Our agents are trained for your business and familiar with the ins-and-outs of the real estate industry. Agent-related specifics to look for are: 

  • Efficient Call Routing
    While skilled operators (and, in some cases, automated phone menu technology) can handle a certain percentage of calls, there will inevitably be calls that need to be routed to you or your employees. Be sure to ask the service you’re considering if agents are able to screen and transfer calls accurately and efficiently. 
  • Bilingual Agents Based in the U.S.
    Communication is the name of the game, and you need to make sure the answering service you select is able to fulfill this core responsibility. At Answering Service Care, our agents are bilingual (Spanish and English) and 100% U.S.-based to facilitate the highest level of communication. 

Simple Message Retrieval

As the business owner, you must be able to quickly access messages to deal with urgent issues. Look for an answering service that provides easy message retrieval. You’ll be able to access your messages via phone, fax, SMS/text, and/or email with Answering Service Care. And did we mention our hands-on client portal? This one-stop shop is a convenient way for you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. 

Industry-Specific Training

It’s vital for your answering service to handle the activities that are specific for your industry. That’s why you’ll find agents at Answering Service Care who are trained for situations that arise for both real estate agents and property management professionals. 

  • Real Estate Answering Expertise
    As a real estate agent, you need operators that can interact with both prospects and existing clients. These functions include answering general questions about listings, scheduling appointments for showings, and making sure that important information is conveyed to you in a timely manner so no sale slips through the cracks.
  • Property Management Answering Expertise.              Whether you’re looking for a commercial, apartment, condo, housing complex, short term rental answering service or some combination, the truth is you need agents that can follow approved scripts and procedures for prospective and current tenants. For prospective callers, agents need to capture leads with prompt, personal customer service and convey the information upwards for follow up. For current tenants, agents must be able to answer questions following approved scripts and deliver important information during emergency situations.

Great Value 

An answering service doesn’t have to break the bank, and yet there is also truth in the “you get what you pay for” maxim. At Answering Service Care, you’ll find the best of both worlds—high quality service at a reasonable price. Be sure to consider how the answering service will impact your budget when evaluating potential partners—and don’t forget to check for transparent pricing!

Flexible Contract 

As you know, real estate and property management are often cyclical businesses. There are times of the year where you are less busy, and times that you’re slammed. Be sure to inquire about the flexibility of your contract. With Answering Service Care, all of our plans are month-to-month and you can upgrade or downgrade plans at any point (not to mention our 21-day money back guarantee so you can be confident you’re getting the best). 

The real estate industry can be very competitive, and any edge you can gain over your competition is important. That’s why hiring the best real estate answering service is so critical to your business—and that’s exactly what we’ve pride ourselves on being. The Answering Service Care promise is that each caller will be met with the highest level of professionalism, patience, service, and efficiency—guaranteed!

How Much Does a Phone Answering Service Cost?

The short answer is: it depends on the pricing model of the answering service you select. For example, three common models are a flat rate answering service, pay-per-call answering service, or a pay-per-minute answering service. Each of these models has pros and cons, but the important thing is to find the model that works best for you. 

For example, here at Answering Service Care, our pricing is based on a per-minute model with monthly billing. This is based on years of feedback from our customers about what options are most beneficial for them. With a pay-per-minute model, you’ll know exactly what you are paying for and monthly billing lets you anticipate your monthly budget. 

To get an idea of what to budget for, take a look at our answering service cost per month. With Answering Service Care, you’ll pay $289 a month for the Pro plan with 250 minutes per month (and, if you need more minutes in any month, you’ll pay $1.43 per additional minute). If you receive more calls, it’s $599 a month for our all-inclusive enterprise plan with 500 minutes per month ($1.19 per additional minute). We also offer custom plans for larger call volumes and can work with you to find the right price point for the services you need.

Still trying to figure out if the realtor answering service or property management answering service cost is worth it? Consider your other option: hiring an in-house receptionist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean average national salary for this position is $34,600—that’s nearly $3,000 per month. And that doesn’t factor in expenses like medical insurance, sick days, paid time off, and all the other variables that come with hiring an employee. Comparatively, a professional answering service is a great deal, especially for small businesses and sole proprietors.

All pricing is accurate at time of publishing. Please check our pricing page that is linked above for current rates.

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How Much Does an After Hours Answering Service Cost?

In general, you’ll see after hours answering services starting around $30 per month. However, there are a few important questions to answer before going with a service that only offers after hours coverage. 

  • Is this going to meet your need for quality service? When looking at inexpensive options, it’s vital to consider the experience of your customers. After all, as a real estate professional, you’re in the people business! You need to make sure each call is handled with care and attention. 
  • Will the customer experience be consistent? If you’re using an answering service for after hours only, your customers may experience two different levels of service. Selecting an answering service with 24/7 coverage gives you the peace of mind that calls will be covered when you or your employees aren’t around and ensures that each client receives the same high level of service. 
  • Are you going to be “nickel and dimed”? Many after hours answering services will tack on fees for needed functionality, making your bill unexpectedly higher when it comes time to pay.

How Much Does an Automated Phone Service Cost?

Automated phone services, also known as interactive voice response (IVR) systems, can start as low as $20 per month. While IVR has its place (and is a customization option we offer), it’s a simple truth that clients want to talk to real people. For real estate professionals, we recommend using IVR cautiously, since customer service is such an important part of this industry. If you’re interested in learning more about this technology, feel free to connect with us to talk about how you can best use IVR as a part of your answering service package.

Experience the Difference with ASC

As a real estate professional, you know how important customer service is. Whether you’re looking for the best real estate answering service or the best property management answering service, you’ll find it at Answering Service Care. As an extension of your real estate team, we can answer every call , make appointments, share information on listings, pass on leads, and respond to general questions about your real estate services. And this distinction is essential.

Think of our real estate call answering service as an extension of your business as opposed to outsourced assistance. The reason being: We do things your way. We understand that you already have a workflow, and your clients have a particular way of communicating with you. We don’t want to change that, we simply want to create avenues to better facilitate this communication.

Most importantly, a real estate call answering service takes the concern out of your mind, knowing that your real estate live chat is always available for your clients. Sure, business will still be busy, but it will be better organized and managed, enabling you to give more effort to each client individually, as opposed to worrying you are going to miss something every time your phone rings.

The end result of an answering service for real estate agents and investors means more time for you to do what you do best. Our real-time support frees you up to focus on serving buyers and sellers, meeting with clients, and marketing your listings. Our professionally trained real estate telephone answering service team is prepared to take and route all of your time-sensitive and routine incoming calls so that you can better focus on managing your real estate agency efficiently.

With exceptional service, skilled agents, and a host of customizable options, you can create an answering service plan that’s perfect for your needs. Ready to wow clients on every call? Excited to never miss an opportunity again? Get started for as little as $25 per month.

No Long-Term Contract

Our real estate live answering service speaks for itself: We will never obligate you to purchase services or tools you don't need. That's a promise!

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We will represent you with the highest levels of professionalism, patience, service, and efficiency – guaranteed!

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Our realtor answering service has a professionally trained, live operator team that is strategically located throughout the U.S. – and only the U.S.!

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