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As an insurance agent or claims adjuster, you understand the importance of being accessible when clients call. However, this doesn’t mean you have to answer your phone every time it rings. Nor does it mean having an office receptionist try and take down every call that comes through. 

If your customers are calling, it is because they have something important to say or discuss. After all, insurance companies and their customers discuss personal matters, sometimes delicate matters. Therefore, a client needs to feel confident in this relationship. Having an answering service for the insurance agents in your firm can keep these relationships healthy. 


The Benefits of an Insurance Answering Service

Insurance answering call services make sure nothing slips through the cracks. This doesn’t simply refer to missed phone calls. From scheduling appointments to forwarding a call to the proper place to taking a message, our insurance answering service has you covered.

Partnering with an answering service for your insurance agents is a way of expanding your business. This is different from simply hiring out call-handling services.

If a client needs to speak to you immediately, your live answering service will know how to reach you. Depending on the emergency, this might mean putting you in touch with the client right then. On the other hand, this type of emergency might simply require getting the message to you in real-time. 

This enables you to focus on what is currently important. Whether that means spending time speaking with a client or working on a claim in your office quietly. Simply put, your insurance answering service will make sure a client needs to reach you if necessary.  

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Answering Services

Improving Customer Service

The best live answering service for your insurance company makes your job more efficient, and also improves your customer service relationships. 

Customers want to be taken care of, and this is true regardless of the industry. But it is especially true when it comes to sensitive matters of insurance. Answering services for insurance assessors, claims adjusters, and insurance agents, will give clients confidence. This is because they know they can always reach their insurance partner 24 hours a day regardless of the circumstances. 

Never miss a call, maintain efficiency in the office, and keep your clients happy with our insurance agency answering service.

An Answering Service for Insurance Agencies Has You Covered, 24/7

Since 1974, Answering Service Care has helped insurance agencies and claims adjusters thrive by answering their calls with compassion and professionalism. 

As an extension of your insurance team, our U.S.-based virtual receptionists have you covered. We can answer your phones, schedule appointments, answer general questions, escalate emergency claims, and pass on leads.

We’ve got you covered 24/7/365. When the unexpected happens, your customers expect that they will be able to reach you. Oftentimes, this occurs during non-business hours. Working with an answering service for insurance agents allows you to be available to your customers 24/7, which gives you a competitive edge. 

Your customers will appreciate the excellent service they receive, no matter what day or time they call.

Our answering service team works closely with businesses in a variety of industries, including:

  • Claims Adjusting
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Identity Theft Insurance
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We’re The Answering Service That Insurance Agencies Love

We offer insurance professionals and claims adjusters the support and resources they need. This enables them to make a great impression and grow their business.

24/7 Live Coverage

We can assist callers, take messages, and direct calls to you any time, any day!

Lead Capture

Our lead capture service is your solution to customer acquisition and increased revenue.

Insurance Claims Processing

Less expensive — and more effective — insurance claim processing.

Appointment Scheduling

We’ll help customers schedule, update, and cancel appointments online and in real-time.

Capture More Leads with an Answering Service for Insurance Agents & Firms

The world of insurance is one that not many people fully understand, and they will call your business for answers. We’ll greet each caller cheerfully and professionally and ask the right questions to capture their interest. We can even send the leads captured on the phone directly into your CRM software! See more on all our integrations.

Telemedicine Answering Service
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Our Insurance Answering Services Include:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Providing live, immediate assistance for clients and prospects
  • Access to our team of educated, U.S.-based answering service professionals
  • 24/7 coverage, including after-hours, nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Lead capture services where viable leads are immediately sent to you via the method of your choice
  • HIPAA-compliant answering services for medical insurance companies
  • Processing insurance claims following your procedures
  • Answering general questions
  • Screening and transferring of calls based on your specific instructions
  • Routing messages quickly and efficiently, making sure to escalate emergency claims
  • Easy message retrieval via phone, fax, SMS text message or email
  • Access to the ASC Mobile app makes it easy to receive message notifications, listen to messages on the go, rate our performance, change an on-call contact, pay your bill, and more
  • The friendliest, most compassionate customer service in the industry
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