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Record calls easily and seamlessly

No matter what your business or industry, chances are that a great deal of information is being exchanged in every single telephone conversation between your callers and your answering service. When it comes to the call recording service option we offer clients, we – and they – have found that there is no more simple, efficient, and affordable way to record phone conversations with your callers.

It’s so easy! With Instant Replay, Answering Service Care’s proprietary call recording tool, you can record, store, and access calls via an online portal for 30 days. For a medical or legal practice, financial services institution, or any other service business that needs or could benefit from accurate message retrieval, Call Recording is an indispensable choice. We’ve been told by many clients “is an investment we can’t afford to miss.”

Enhance Quality and Compliance with Call Recording Services

Why Call Recording is so powerful.

Call recording can be used in many ways. For instance, you can find out what kinds of calls you’re getting and what the common questions/issues from both existing and potential customers might be. You also can monitor your own staff for quality control and training purposes. And, of course, you can monitor our staff to make sure we’re providing the quality service we have a long, proud history of delivering. Companies that do so say it’s been a great way to improve their own service while also holding us accountable. We welcome that accountability!

Are there privacy issues with Call Recording? You don’t need to be concerned about legal or privacy issues with Answering Service Care’s Call Recording option. Before any recording begins, our agents inform all parties that the conversation may or will be recorded. Call monitoring is not done in real-time and is accessed and played back later through Instant Replay. With Call Recording, you can maintain a high level of quality control. 

We Know Answering Services!

Since our founding all the way back in 1974, our family-owned and -operated answering service team has been fully committed to delivering the most professional, efficient and friendly telephone answering services to our clients and their callers. Ready to get set up with Answering Service Care today? Want to add Call Recording to your existing services? We will answer any questions you have.

Capture Every Conversation for Improved Performance with Call Recording