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Text messaging is now the most popular communication method in the United States, with millions of messages sent every minute. People of all ages prefer text messaging not only to communicate with friends and family but also with the businesses they care about.

Your customers want to text with your business.

Statistics show that 61% of consumers think businesses should use the same number for calling and texting, and 58% of consumers have tried replying with a text message after missing a call from a business. In other words, if you’re not offering a text messaging solution, you’re likely missing out on business communications and opportunities!

Our live agents respond to your business’ texts 24/7.

Since 1974, Answering Service Care has supported businesses of all sizes and types by answering their phone calls with care and professionalism. We are proud to offer the same exceptional service for text messages. With our Care2Text feature, clients and prospects can text your business and our friendly live agents will respond. They are available around the clock to answer questions, qualify leads, take messages, and schedule and update appointments— all through text message!

What Could a Text Answering Service Do for You?

Communicating with your customers through text message is a great way to impress them while also saving time and money. Here’s how a text answering service benefits both businesses and customers:

A simple, Affordable Solution

Text answering services are affordable, easy to set up, and will free up your time to focus on more important tasks.

Increased Productivity

With more customers texting, the phone will ring less and be freed up for those who still prefer to call. You and your staff will enjoy a quieter workspace, and callers will appreciate shorter call handling times.

More Efficient Communication

With a 98% open rate, text messages are a great way to communicate with customers and make sure your messages are seen.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Giving your customers options on how to contact your business shows them that you care. Happy customers lead to increased revenue, new referrals, and a solid reputation.

Customers Love Text Messaging

Get started with SMS text messaging answering services to elevate your customer service and grow your business!

Fast, Friendly Support 24/7.

No matter what time it is, clients and new leads can text your business and our friendly live agents will respond.

100% U.S. Based Live Agents.

Our educated, professional live agents receive specialized training about your business and industry.

Bilingual Text Messaging.

Whether your customers prefer English or Spanish, our bilingual live agents can text with them and make them feel comfortable.

So Many Ways to Communicate!

In addition to text messages, our friendly live agents can assist customers via phone, email, and web chat.

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