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Now you can sign up to pay your invoice automatically each month and avoid late fees. All you have to do is fill out this autopay request form and send it to us with a voided check or login to your client portal and request there.

Each Client is required to be on autopay via ACH or credit card following their first month of service.

Our 21-day money-back guarantee makes the decision of trying our services simple. If you are not satisfied during the 21 days of trial, just let us know you want to cancel your account. View terms and conditions.

A personalized greeting is a prerecorded announcement that is the initial greeting played to your callers. It can be done in your own voice or it can be professionally done. Personalized greetings will assist your company in establishing a strong sense of identity callers will know that they have reached the right company and they will be assured that their call will be answered immediately.

Some additional benefits of a personalized greeting:

  • Calls will be answered immediately.
  • Confirms to the caller that they have dialed the correct number and have reached the right company.
  • Once the recording has completed, a friendly live Answering Service Professional will greet the caller and continue until the call has been completed.
  • Assurance that the company name will always be pronounced correctly.
  • A personalized greeting could also be used to up-sell or inform callers of specials, current promotions, or any additional important information.
  • The ability to record a personalized answering service greeting in your own voice.
  • There is no additional cost for these personalized answering service greetings.
  • Proper call handling techniques will positively impact the way prospects and/or clients view the company.

Answering Service Care understands the importance of an excellent first impression. Businesses like yours cannot afford to have their answering service receptionists mispronounce names. At Answering Service Care, we believe mispronunciation is a dishonor to you and your company, so we do all we can (and then some!) to ensure that we honor your name.

Our recommended best practices include the use of an initial personalized greeting, after which a friendly, courteous live Answering Service professional will continue the call and complete the message. This method provides assurance that the phone will be answered immediately, that the caller will know they have reached the right company, and that the company name will always sound accurate.

No. However, while we can skip the personalized greeting and send the call directly to an agent, we encourage the use of personalized greetings to our answering service clients for several reasons. Most importantly, we want to make sure that when answering the phone, we correctly pronounce the client’s business name. Also, we can give you the ability to record your own personalized greeting so your callers can hear a familiar voice.

How do I forward my phone?

There are several ways you can forward your calls to us. First choose your carrier for specific instructions:


At Answering Service Care we strive to eliminate surprise fees and bills. To help minimize your monthly usage, be sure to test other methods of forwarding your lines to us. Answering services typically include an allowance of usage whenever you call us to connect to our network; the time spent is automatically deducted from your allowance. By subscribing to other methods of call forwarding techniques, your allowance is better utilized.

When you receive your first invoice from Answering Service Care, you may have some questions. And we have answers! Click here to see some of the most commonly asked questions our billing team receives.

Typically Answering Services include an “allowance” of usage; an allowance is the number of minutes included each month without overage fees. If the monthly allowance is exceeded, additional overage minutes will be charged.

At Answering Service Care, we aim to eliminate surprises, so we encourage our clients to monitor usage on our client portal or our convenient mobile phone app.

The annual maintenance fee is a mandated charge that is equally distributed among all of our accounts and used to offset a portion of the costs associated with the maintenance, safeguarding, and storage of client messages, contact lists, company-specific information, and the support of our telephony infrastructure. The annual maintenance fee is billed in advance for the upcoming year and is not prorated, nor is it eligible for a refund. All accounts in an active state are subject to this charge.

Our Answering Service Care clients can customize their means of message delivery. In other words, they can choose the delivery method for their answering service messages.

These message receipt options are:

  • Text, Email, Fax
  • You can call the Answering Service for Your Messages
  • The Answering Service can call you with Your Messages
  • Record Your Messages and listen to them 24/7
  • Send Your Messages to Multiple Recipients using multiple options

Answering Service Care allows for customization at every level of our answering service. If you notice that any facet of your answering service plan that does not meet all of your needs, you can speak with an Answering Service Care Specialist who will help you create a plan that is best for you.

As soon as we take your message, we relay it to you. We do not consider the answering service process complete until this important step is taken.

This is an important question, as compliance with HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is of the utmost importance when working with answering service clients in the medical and healthcare fields. We are pleased to say that Answering Service Care is fully HIPAA-compliant and that we are able to work closely and effectively with your medical office or company. For more information and specifics on HIPAA and how it related to answering services, read our HIPAA page.

Caller ID Provided

Yes, we capture the caller ID for each call. Also, in case caller ID is blocked, we ask for the caller’s phone number as part of your script.

You never know when disaster strikes. Having an answering service is a simple way to make sure that when troubles arise you have your phones answered. Since 1974 we have been working 24/7 including holidays and, occasionally, disasters.

Using services like Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer allows you to set it, and forget it. Try setting the ring time on your call forwarding to 18 seconds, this gives you reasonable time to answer the phone and know that if something happens you have a backup plan in place. And implementing these two services with your live answering service typically results in a forty-minute reduction in usage.

Consider placing your answering service on autopilot. Please refer to our call forwarding page to learn more about the various methods you may use to connect to us. Our Disaster Recovery solutions will ensure that your business stays open when it is supposed to be open, even during a storm.

Answering Service Care is a U.S.-based business with offices from coast to coast! Our clients are located all across the United States.

Now that you have set up your account, it is time to test it. Click here to find out how.

General Questions

An answering service is an outsourced business service that manages incoming calls on behalf of its clients. It then relays the messages via text, email, recording, or live relay. In addition to managing a business’ incoming calls, a telephone answering service can help with many other tasks. Visit this Answering Service Page to learn more.

An automated answering service is a phone system that interacts with callers through the use of a virtual receptionist. Easily customizable, automated answering services ensure that all your business’ inbound and outbound calls begin with a professional greeting before efficiently routing your customer to the person who can best serve them. Automated answering services make it easy for your customers to reach the right department or employee, even if they are out of the office at the time of the call.

bilingual answering service is a remote extension of a business’ staff that handles a variety of customer service-related tasks from call management to appointment setting, to email marketing, and more. With a large population of Spanish speakers living in the United States, savvy businesses often outsource to bilingual answering services to better assist these customers.

Partnering with an answering service company like Answering Service Care is the first step to increasing your revenues dramatically. Understand better how an answering service can improve your ROI.

A small business need leads to grow and compete in the marketplace, and leads can come at any time of the day: that’s why you need a 24/7 answering service

The answer in short is Answering Service Care. Answering Service Care is a premier call answering service, offering a wide menu of telephone answering services since 1974.   As an award winning call answering service, they are in business to help you manage all of your telephone communications needs, and are committed to answering your phone calls with courteous care, efficiency, and professionalism. Visit this page to learn more about the Answering Service Care difference.

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