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Quality medical answering service providers are hard to find. And as a medical or healthcare professional, chances are you have a busy, thriving practice with phones ringing off the hook at all hours. While it’s nice to provide exceptional care to so many people, it can be difficult to keep up with such a high volume of patients and phone calls—and it’s just not possible for your office to be open 24/7/365.

That’s where we come in. At Answering Service Care, we provide on-call, after-hours answering services for medical offices and practices of all sizes. And when we say “on-call,” we mean it. 

Our virtual medical answering service operators are available on nights, weekends, and holidays—and they’re all trained to handle all your telephone answering-related needs from simple patient calls to full-blown medical emergencies.

But when it comes to patient answering services, being professional is only the beginning. Our answering service for medical offices is personable and empathetic. They know what it means to talk to someone calling with a problem, or needing assistance with a question. They’re intelligent, friendly, articulate, and prepared to fulfill your specific phone and message requirements.

As one of the top medical office answering services in the field since 1974, we have over 45 years of experience doing what we do best. Through 2018, our systems have operated at 99.998% efficiency. For a busy medical professional, there is nothing like having the peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable service provider that values secure and always-on technology. As a vendor, we take technology systems, processes, and uptime as seriously as we do the medical office answering service agent experience that we provide.

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Your Patients Will Notice

While you will certainly feel the benefits of partnering with our physician answering services, your patients will feel rewarded as well. After all, if your patient is calling your medical practice, it is likely because something is wrong. This doesn’t mean that every call is an emergency, but there is some sort of concern at play.

Some calls might simply be to schedule an appointment down the road. Other calls might be to ask a question about a medical bill. Other calls might be personal, and a patient wants to speak only with a doctor. Regardless of the point of the call, our medical answering services will address each individually and accordingly.

It is no secret that patients want to feel like they are taken care of. This is true whether their situation is serious or merely routine. They want to be heard and make sure their needs are being taken care of. With a medical office answering service in place, you can rest assured your patients will be satisfied.

This is especially true for after-hours calls. You can’t be expected to be answering the phone at all hours. We understand that a work-life balance is important. And there are certainly times when your patients are calling and you are not available.

But these calls shouldn’t be missed. And with an on-call after-hours answering service for your medical practice, they won’t be.

Happy patients mean return business. Additionally, it is likely that your patients will refer your practice to their friends and family. Simply put, if your patients feel like they are being taken care of, they will boast about their experience. This can only mean good things for your medical practice.

More Efficient for You

There is no question that a virtual receptionist will lighten the workload of your employees, making your operation more efficient. After all, if someone is constantly having to answer the phone, it takes away from their regular responsibilities. Inbound calls happen, and high call volume is ordinarily a good thing. However, if it is getting in the way of people doing their jobs, then it is time for a medical answering service.

When your employees are working, they should be completely invested in their jobs. If someone has to run and answer the phone every time it rings it is breaking focus and hurting productivity. With a physician answering service, this doesn’t have to be the case. Your employees can stay focused, your patients can have their calls answered, and efficiency can be improved overall.

Answering Service

Leading The Way In 24/7 Medical Answering Services

As an industry leader for over four decades, we know that reliable telephone answering support plays a pivotal role in your ability to provide better care and improve patient outcomes. That’s why we do what we do. To help you better serve your community. Here’s a quick overview of what makes us one of the best 24-hour medical answering services you can find:

HIPAA Compliant

We’re fully compliant with HIPAA, giving you—and your patients—peace of mind.

Secure Messaging

Receive your messages securely and in compliance with HIPAA laws.

Appointment Scheduling

Never miss an appointment – or an opportunity for an appointment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We make sure you never miss a call and your patients don’t miss you.

Smiling Faces That Care

We don’t have to tell you how critically important it is to treat patients* with dignity and respect. Our live medical office answering service team members are alert, empathetic, and dedicated to giving your patients the attention they both expect and deserve. Every individual medical office answering service agent is trained, skilled, and experienced in the subtle art of patient communication.

*Answering Service Care doesn’t provide services to patients. We provide live answering services to healthcare professionals and medical practices.
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Answering Service For Telemedicine

Medical Office Virtual Answering Service For Telemedicine

The pandemic has transformed the way many businesses operate, and medical offices are no exception. Many of our medical clients have switched to telemedicine, supporting their patients virtually on a short-term or long-term basis. As we all adapt to a new normal, there’s no denying that telemedicine has a significant role to play in keeping up with routine needs and follow-ups—and it is becoming clear that telemedicine is here to stay.

When you treat patients by phone or video, the format of your appointments may be different and your reliance on technology increases exponentially. If your office staff is working remotely or has had to self-quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, don’t leave your phones to chance.

Now more than ever, people are hungry for connection, and callers are eager to hear a human voice at the other end of the line. Whether they are calling with an urgent medical concern, or to find out the social distancing requirements at your office, a friendly and professional voice goes a long way.

With both patients and practitioners adopting telehealth to some degree, we are pleased to provide a professional, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine answering service to our clients in the medical field.

What About HIPAA and Our Medical Office Answering Services?

As a fully compliant HIPAA “business associate,” we understand the importance of patient privacy, and we’re committed to full compliance so that we can best protect and serve you and your patients. Our medical patient answering service is dedicated to providing top customer service while also maintaining privacy and patient security standards for each of your patients. Read more about HIPAA and our secure messaging medical office virtual assistant service.
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