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Empowering our answering service clients to better manage their on-call calendar

Whether you are a growing healthcare practice, a busy service business, or a thriving small business with after-hours on-call requirements, chances are you’re always looking for an easier, more efficient way to update your on-call schedule in real-time.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and are pleased to offer all of our answering service customers a new On-Call Calendar management tool! It’s secure, intuitive and it makes our customers’ lives easier. In fact, some of the comments we’ve heard include: “Simple!”, “Super- easy!”, and “A major time-saver!”.

What are the benefits of the On-Call Calendar web app?

  • Allows you to make changes “on the fly” in real-time
  • As a web application, this tool is fully web-based, leaving less room for error and more room for collaboration, updating and checking information from anywhere, by anyone you have authorized
  • No more need to fax or phone in changes—everything can be done on our web app/interface, empowering you to make additions or changes whenever, wherever!
  • Increase efficiency and save time on what was previously a more tedious and over-involved process
  • Reduce the chances for duplicates or missing details now that all information is live and centralized
  • Service your customers, patients and callers better … around the clock!
On Call Calendar
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Who can take advantage of our On-Call Calendar web tool?

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Healthcare practitioners
  • Technical Support Teams
  • Service businesses with emergency and after-hours calls, such as A/C companies, pool companies, plumbers and electricians
  • Other 24/7 businesses, organizations or groups that require personnel to be “on-call” during certain periods of time

How To Access Your On-Call Calendar?

Logging into your On-Call Calendar is simple:

Once you have clicked “Client Login” on the top right of the AnsweringServiceCare.com home page, enter your user name and password.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We can explore your integration ideas to boost the power of Answering Service Care. Contact us today via email or telephone at (800) 430-6511 to learn how we can help your business do more with less.