3 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Employees Post-Pandemic

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Though the world is still reeling from the pandemic, we are starting to see glimpses of normalcy. As we slowly begin to return to our former ways, employees are being more vocal about their wants and needs. While COVID-19 shed light on several economic, environmental, and social issues, workers have also noticed significant red flags in how they’re treated, how hard they’re worked, and how uncompromising employers can be.

With more jobs and workplaces opening up, business owners and leaders need to be mindful of what employees want if they wish to attract and retain workers. Otherwise, they are liable to lose quality staff members. If you are looking to establish a loyal and satisfied workforce post-pandemic, here are some tips on how to attract and retain employees.

Listen and respond to the wants and needs of your employees

While simple, in theory, employers often fail to communicate with their employees. As a result, they rely on their judgment to discern what employees want. Not only does this leave considerable room for error, but it also relegates employees to the back seat. In other words, it makes workers feel like their thoughts, opinions, and concerns aren’t valued.

To ensure that your staff members feel seen, heard, and appreciated, check-in and ask them where they’re at. And then make sure that you are listening to what they are saying. Some topics to focus on include problem areas, ideas for improvement, and necessary workplace adjustments. When you give your employees this deserved platform, it bodes well for a harmonious work environment.

Don’t write off remote work

A recent study found that 87% of American workers are keen to continue working from home at least one day a week. In fact, some employees are so adamant about continuing telework that they would leave their job if remote work didn’t remain an option. With that said, employers should strongly consider shifting their operations to allow for this lifestyle.

If your employees have demonstrated competence and professionalism while working from home, there’s no sense in stripping them of this convenient alternative. In addition to keeping you in good standing with your employees, offering the option to work remotely will also inspire your staff to work harder. In essence, when you go the extra mile to gratify employee needs, they will show their appreciation through diligence and proficiency.

Remain flexible

The pandemic showed us all how quickly and drastically life can change. Moving forward, employers need to keep this in mind to accommodate life’s unpredictability. For instance, if an employee has a last-minute family matter they need to tend to, let them. After all, people are choosing their personal relationships and well-being over money and corporate responsibility more than ever these days. Simply put, when employees lead a balanced life, they are more apt to be present at work. As an employer, you play a prominent role in leveling this dynamic, so honor flexibility as much as possible.

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