3 Trends That Prove Your Small Business Needs A Virtual Receptionist

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The customer experience is everything today.

In fact, it’s so much everything that the phrase “customer experience” is almost a meaningless word in some circles. Not yours, of course, because you are actually interested in helping your customers have easier and better transactions, no matter what that means. That’s why you’ve got a cool chatbot and email options, along with a telephone number that you really don’t expect anyone to call.

Do people even use the phone anymore? Yes! They do and it’s important that you maintain, even nurture, that channel because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is what the data says, and trends are pointing to the need for more phone-based touch, something easily achieved with a virtual receptionist from your answering service.

On Trend: The Customer Experience

Of course the customer experience has always mattered, but it didn’t matter enough before, or it didn’t matter enough to the companies that should have taken notice, anyway.

This is part of the reason that so many traditional retailers are having to completely reinvent themselves in a big hurry. They ignored what their evolving customer base wanted, instead plunging forward with what they’ve always done, much to the disadvantage of both customer and company.

Keep an eye on trends like these when considering a virtual receptionist:

  1. The Temkin Group declared 2018 the Year of Humanity, so human it shall be. They predicted that some of the most important trends would include not only recognizing who customers were using customer personas more widely, but that processes would undergo changes to ensure that they were experience oriented.Even the smallest of SMBs can make this same shift with the help of a virtual receptionist. Just like an in-house receptionist, a virtual receptionist sticks with you over time and gets to know your clients on a personal level. You can give them instructions that vary between clients or leave messages for callers. This is customer experience to the max.
  2. The concept of the consumer journey is also expanding and part of that journey can be enriched by your virtual receptionist. Whether your callers are seeking more information or want to set an appointment to speak to you personally, that virtual receptionist is empowering you to do more with limited staff.
  3. If you’re listening to your customers, you already know that they want more human interaction from you and your employees. The problem is that you don’t have a lot more time to dedicate to this because you’re busy with other aspects of your business. Even so, when you get a call, the most asked-for want based on this recent report, is human interaction. It’s so prevalent a desire that having the option to talk to a human is also the top want from automated phone trees. Your virtual receptionist has this covered.

Customers are getting braver about expressing their deepest wants and needs, and it’s really changing the way that businesses operate. Both big businesses and small ones are affected by these simple, but disruptive, waves in the consumer atmosphere. You can stay ahead of it with the help of a virtual receptionist from your answering service.

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