3 Ways Better Phone Service Means Better Business

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Your little startup has started to blossom into a company that can stand on its own two feet without your constant attention.

It’s a great feeling, even if your sales are starting to plateau. Could it be the difficulty you and your team are having trying to answer all the telephone calls that come in?

Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to your telephone answering service.

Your Operators Influence Everything

Since your telephone operators are the first touchpoint for many of your customers, it would follow that better operators mean better results, right?

Sure, you want to keep as much in house as possible, but when your staff is already spread thin, you should consider a less frazzled telephone answering option.

An answering service can help you put your best foot forward, offering professional telephone operators who do nothing but help people all day.

These are just a few ways that a better phone service can mean better business:

Empathetic operators can defuse explosive situations. Angry customers are a part of doing business, but handling them can be a delicate process.

If you’re having a bad day and someone calls to tell you that your product is awful, you might say a few dozen things you regret. Your answering service, on the other hand, will work through a resolution process that lets the angry caller know that you really are hearing them and their complaint.

Professional telephone answering service operators go into each call fresh. Even on days when calls are coming fast and furious, professional operators are taught how to let insults, angry threats and other unseemly calls roll off their backs.

Every call is a new opportunity to help someone, they leave their baggage at the door. It’s great because you know each of your callers will always get a kind, efficient helper, and that’s one of those things that increases customer loyalty big time.

Active listening can create sales opportunities. When someone calls your office, are you working hard to get them off the phone so you can move on to the next thing? When you’re that busy, it probably seems the most efficient thing to do.

Your answering service might tell you differently, though, because active listening can reveal caller needs that aren’t being directly expressed. For example, if someone calls to buy a printer, you can send them a printer, but an active listener will realize they may also need toners or a cable to connect it. Not only is the customer better served by an active listener, they’ve just increased their per transaction value. Not too shabby.

When your reputation is growing and you don’t have the time or energy to answer the phone constantly, it’s time to consider an answering service. They’re typically far less expensive than having an on-site receptionist and may have considerably more training than the full-time candidate that fits your budget.

As the first touchpoint for your callers, who answers your phones matters as much as how they answer it.

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