4 Benefits of a University Answering Service

University Answering Service

On any given day, a university’s phones ring many times with all types of callers. From students calling about class locations, to parents requesting financial aid information, it may seem that the phones never stop ringing. Each caller has unique requests, and it is important that they are transferred to the appropriate person. A university answering service can help you achieve just that. Here are four benefits of outsourcing to a university answering service:

  • It can help students reach who they need to speak with faster
  • It allows universities and colleges to assist students 24/7, even when the campus is closed
  • It can help you keep up with the call overflow related to COVID-19
  • It frees up your staff’s time to focus on more important tasks

Here, we will explain in more detail the benefits of answering service for universities and colleges:

A university answering service helps students reach who they need to speak with faster.

Most universities and colleges (especially the larger schools) consist of many different departments. Oftentimes students will call with a question or concern, but they are unsure of who exactly they need to speak with. They might even be transferred around several times before finally reaching the person who can best assist them.

The wasted time spent talking to the wrong person is frustrating for both the student as well as the university employee who could have been helping someone else. A university answering service helps callers quickly reach the person who is best suited to assist them. The live agents of an answering service are trained to ask specific questions that will help determine the appropriate party, and they have all the information regarding how and where to transfer callers. This will result in less stress and wasted time for both the students who need help, as well as university employees.

Universities don’t have traditional business hours, so why should their phones?

Anyone who has attended or worked at a university knows that they are open for most hours of the day. Morning classes begin early, and some evening classes do not end until late. Many schools also offer classes on Saturdays for those who work during the week. Students attend school in non-traditional business hours, so why wouldn’t they try to get in touch via phone as well?

A university answering service enables schools to assist callers 24/7. Even if the offices are closed for spring break, an answering service can aid a student calling with a question about the upcoming semester.

An answering service can help you keep up with the call overflow related to COVID-19.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, most students spent a lot of time on campus. If they had a question or issue, they could just walk to the office to ask for help. But now with social distancing, more students are likely to call with questions and concerns. As a result, your college or university’s phone lines might be busier than usual. A university answering service can help manage your call overflow, and make sure that students are receiving the assistance that they need.

A university answering service frees up your staff’s time to focus on more important tasks

While some students call with specific issues that can only be resolved by a staff member, most reach out with simple questions about class locations, office hours and financial aid basics. The live agents of a university answering service are trained on frequently asked questions about your college and can service these students without having to transfer them to a staff member. This will keep your staff’s schedules and phone lines open so they can service more of the students who really need them.

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