4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need A Live Answering Service Right Now

4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need A Live Answering Service Right Now

Real estate agents like you are so busy sometimes that it’s hard to even have a conversation without the phone ringing off the hook. Hiring an assistant would be great, but your ad bill is eating up most of your extra money right now. What’s a busy real estate professional to do?

Why Not Give an Answering Service a Go?

Real estate answering services can be fully customized to meet your unique needs. With offerings that help you stay in touch better across platforms, you may find that you’re an even better agent with a little help.

Check out just a few offerings real estate answering services offer:

  • Appointment setting. You don’t just spontaneously grab a client and take them out to see homes, do you? Of course not. But spending time on formal appointment setting isn’t something you can really afford to do, either.
    No worries, your answering service has it covered and they use tools that integrate with the system you’re already using. No more appointments falling between the cracks can translate to more money in your pocket.
  • Customer service. Many answering services can provide you with a customer service team to help field calls that only need basic answers.
    Any callers needing more in-depth information than what is allowed by law can be sent to you directly via telephone transfer or in the form of a message to your email or SMS.
  • Pass along emergency messages. You’re not a doctor or a surgeon, but you definitely deal with emergencies and unexpected urgencies. The faster you hear about them, the faster you can get the job done.
    But you can’t be monitoring your phone all the time, it’s such an unhealthy habit and leads to burnout. The good news? Your answering service can keep those lines of communication open on your behalf. When they see a red flag, they’ll connect the caller to you via your preferred channel.
  • Logging those non-emergency messages. Your clients are going through an extremely stressful and emotionally taxing process, which sometimes means a huge increase in calls for non-vital issues. This is why it’s good to have a layer between you and your client base.
    Your answering service can log those non-emergency messages and deliver them to you all at once so you can prioritize who gets called first or they can deliver them one at a time, allowing you to choose when you call people back one at a time.

Being a Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Married to Your Phone

Even though your clients and potential leads expect to get the answers they seek immediately, you can’t always be on call. That’s a surefire recipe for burnout in a big way. A real estate answering service is a great first step toward smart delegation, as it can help filter your calls, review levels of urgency and provide general answers and information so that you only deal with a fraction of the demands for your time.

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