5 Ways To Capture Happy Client Stories Before They Go Away

Answering Service Reviews

Each client or customer journey is unique, just like the way you work to service them.

But, at the end of the day, the only way for a new client to judge your company is to look at its track record. Since the explosion of online reviews, it’s easier than ever before to learn about a new business at a glance, so what your clients have to say publically really matters.

Just how do you go about capturing those happy stories before it’s too late?

A Few Tips for Excellent Testimonials

The most genuine testimonials come from customers who give them up willingly, but getting them to do so can be tricky.

Many are busy and forget, or are too shy to put their thoughts out into public. However, if you stress to these types how important it is for your growing business to have happy stories to share, they may be more eager to help.

These tips should help get the ball rolling:

  • Make it easy. Today’s shoppers and reviewers share the same kind of problem: time. There’s not enough of it, and certainly not time enough to try to figure out where your review should be posted.So, instead of forcing them to track down a link to your Yelp page, post it on your social media or website so it’s easy to find. Ease the customer into the process and you’ll love the results.
  • Just ask! Sometimes, customers aren’t sure that you really want their feedback and at other times, they simply don’t realize you need it.In both cases, just asking for a hand with testimonials and stories can make a huge difference to your company’s reputation. Start by asking and see what happens!
  • Don’t hesitate to nudge gently. If you’ve already asked for a testimonial and the client agreed, but didn’t follow through, or seems like they’d be the type to provide a few thoughts and hasn’t, it’s ok to nudge them again, very gently. There’s an incredibly fine line between a helpful nudge and an annoying poke, so walk this line with caution.
  • Provide a specific question to answer. When customers don’t know what to say, they often don’t. But you can help them along with prompts to answer.For example, ask a customer how your product or service changed their situation or what aspects of their lives it improved. By giving them an idea of where to start, you’ll often get more than you bargained for. It’s the starting that’s the thing for so many.
  • Offer an incentive. Incentivizing for reviews can backfire dramatically, but if customers won’t open their mouths any other way, you can offer a small token for their participation. A discount coupon or free service may be able to open those sealed lips just long enough for a happy client story to come out.

Once you’ve collected a few happy client stories, it’s important that you have a plan for working the leads that will follow. Instead of assuming you can handle the potentially massive influx of customers alone, hiring an answering service company or virtual receptionist will greatly improve your ability to convert callers into new, happy customers.

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