6 Simple Ways to Impress Your Customers

Improve Customer Service

Any successful business owner, manager, or salesperson understands the importance of impressing customers. Loyal customers keep you afloat, making it essential to put a premium on client satisfaction. Nine out of 10 of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company, so it’s important to deliver great experiences every time. With that said, here are six simple ways that you can “wow” more customers and, in turn, grow your business.

Be reachable

They say that half the battle is simply showing up. In this case, it’s answering the phone and being available when your customers call. Answering calls quickly and being there to support your customers when they need you can go a long way. It shows your customers that you care about them, and it will make them want to do business with you again.

Get back to them quickly

Whether a customer has reached out via phone or email, it is crucial to get back to them promptly. Otherwise, they’re likely to think that their inquiries, comments, or concerns aren’t important. When a customer doesn’t feel valued, it doesn’t bode well for a company’s reputation. With that said, be mindful of how long you’re taking to respond to customers. The faster you reply, the more impressed the customer will be.

Ask them what they need, and actually listen

Being able to anticipate a client’s needs goes a long way in the business realm. With good listening skills and attention to detail, you can effortlessly fulfill a customer’s desires. If a customer hasn’t purchased your products or services before, they’ll probably want some guidance. While you should never tell clients what they want, subtly steering them in a specific direction will make them feel heard and respected.

Treat them like people, not numbers

Though it’s savvy to think about profits, don’t look at customers with dollar signs in your eyes. Taking a money-oriented approach is off-putting, so be sure that you’re treating clients with care. If you’re constantly trying to sell a customer on a product without making a personal connection, it can make them feel cheap. With that in mind, personalized service goes a long way.

Stick to your word

Nothing infuriates most people more than dishonesty. Therefore, no matter the promise or commitment you’ve made, it’s critical to follow through. Failure to stick to your word will only result in distrust and upset. However, a reliable, transparent, and sincere business professional is sure to impress customers. People yearn for dependability, so go the extra mile to give it to them.

Express your gratitude

Showing your appreciation for a customer’s business and loyalty is a surefire way to stay in their good graces. To ensure that your gratitude feels genuine, don’t overdo it. A drawn-out thank you will only make your customer uncomfortable, so it’s best to keep it short and sweet. Merely acknowledging the customer relationship is all that’s needed to send the right message.

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