A Good Answering Service Delivers Good Customer Service

When your business has grown so large that you can’t always be the one to take the calls anymore, it can be a difficult decision to outsource your customer service. Although not all customer service teams are created equally, a good answering service delivers great customer service each and every day of the week without forcing you to invest in manpower, space and training that could otherwise slow your feverish gains.

On-Demand Customer Service Without Full-Time Expenses

One of the most brilliant things about a good answering service team of customer service representatives is how affordable this service can be. Instead of paying for full-time salaries and benefits for your own team, you only pay for the calls that an outsourced customer service team takes. Plus, you never have to train new people to take the place of those who have left for better opportunities, saving you tons of time. Here are a few other ways an answering service can help with your customer service needs:
  • Answering common questions for callers. Customer service representatives can handle almost any kind of call, including those callers who are calling for assistance.Whether you’re a property manager or a tow truck service, your answering service can answer commonly asked questions about problems you see often, based on information you provide. This ability can alleviate the need to make a service call when the problem is a simple one, saving everyone time and money.
  • Providing information about products. Another common use for customer service representatives is giving your callers a way to get more information about your offerings. For example, if your business sells hot tubs, your customer service could collect the details necessary to send the caller a brochure.
  • Helping customers to place orders 24/7. Even if your business is an eCommerce retailer, you may have customers who want to speak to a real person to place an order. Older people and those who have experienced problems with credit card fraud often feel more comfortable having a live operator handle their sensitive information. By providing a customer service team, you’re telling those shoppers that their orders matter just as much as the orders of people who will complete their transactions online.
  • Assisting shoppers with returns. Inevitably, your customer base will run into problematic products or incorrect orders. Don’t sweat it, your customer service team can handle this, too! Since they’re not personally invested in the order, a professional operator can keep their cool no matter what a shopper may have to say about your products. Good returns are just another aspect of good customer service.
Having an professional customer service team can greatly improve your customer service, no matter what industry you’re in. From making it easy to place orders to finding solutions for unhappy customers, your answering service operators can take over those tough telephone calls. They’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your customers are being well-served and free up cash for other projects.

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