An Answering Service For Car Towing Companies

Answering Service

It takes a lot of coordination and organization to run a successful car towing company.

Not only do you need to have plenty of skilled tow truck operators available, you also need ready, willing and able telephone operators to field calls and dispatch those trucks to where they’re needed. It’s a complicated dance that, by necessity, goes on all day and all night, come rain or shine, heat or snow.

But did you know that an answering service could make your operations run more efficiently and make your job easier?

Grow Your Towing Business with an Answering Service

No matter how many in-house operators you currently have, if you’re growing, they simply won’t be enough.

You’re investing heavily in marketing, you have enough trucks to do some major business, but adding enough staff to cover three dispatching shifts is where you’re running into trouble. The more staff you have, the more obligations you have, the more space you need, the more electricity your building consumes, the more water you use, it’s just more of everything.

On the other hand, an answering service for car towing companies is only paid when they actually answer the phone, so you don’t have to cover all those other things when they’re not working for you. No vacation days or sick leave or copy paper required. Answering services can offer you as much support as you need, no matter how big you grow.

Here are some specific services answering services offer that can support car towing companies:

  • After-hours and all hours call answering. The best answering services are open 24 hours a day, with fully trained operators on the phone at all times.So, no matter if your customers call at 5 pm or 1 am, they’re going to get a professional telephone operator who knows exactly what information they need to collect in order to help. Sometimes, just having a calm voice on the other end of the telephone is enough to help someone with frayed nerves relax a little bit.
  • Driver dispatching. Customer care is a common offering for many answering services, and this includes driver dispatching.When your customers call for a tow, professional operators will use your protocols for selecting the driver that gets the information, or they’ll relay that information back to your home base for your in-house staff to manage. You can dispatch a lot more tow trucks when you have a huge pool of operators helping to make the connections.
  • Bilingual answering service. If your company is in one of the many areas where Spanish is a commonly spoken language, it’s important to employ some operators that can speak the language.Otherwise, you’re alienating a big percentage of your potential customers right away! Bilingual answering service operators can help you stay in touch with Spanish-speaking callers, as well as connecting them to Spanish-speaking tow truck drivers so everybody is on the same page throughout the transaction.

An answering service for car towing companies can be a real asset, especially for businesses that are experiencing or looking forward to significant growth. You don’t need all hands on deck all the time when you have a team of operators standing by, just waiting for the next person to call and ask for a tow.

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