Answering Service Case Study: Follow Me

Our answering service clients love the added efficiency, flexibility and peace of mind that the Follow Me tool gives them.

What is Follow Me?

Follow Me is an add-on answering service tool that gives businesses the ability to use one number to take incoming calls at multiple locations seamlessly and efficiently.

Gone are the days of having to stay in the office or be glued to your desk chair so as not to miss a call. Follow Me is a simple but robust tool that allows you to be there for your customers and patients no matter where you are physically located when a call comes in.

As a premier provider of answering services, we advise and consult with our clients as to what add-on services are the most cost-effective and powerful. Follow Me is at the top of that list for most clients, regardless of their size, geographical location or type of business.

Who uses Follow Me – and why?

Follow Me is a great add-on answering service option for businesses and practices of all sizes and types, including small businesses in the service sector, mom-and-pops and one-man operations, legal firms, medical practices and more!

Follow Me Client Case Study: Fence Company

Our client is a small but growing fence company with two office locations. Phones at both locations needed to be answered simultaneously, and our client could not be in both places plus working from her home plus on the road all at once. She had a very real and growing concern about missing calls – each of which could represent new business. She did not want callers to be on a line that was ringing and ringing, nor did she want them to be sent straight to voicemail.

We recommended Follow Me to her and it was like a light bulb went off. No longer did she feel simultaneously tied to one place and needing to be in another, and the fear about missing incoming calls all but disappeared. “It has made my life so much easier and free to run my business wherever I want to, from home or the physical office,” she tells us.

Now, she has one incoming number that follows the Follow Me path she has laid out and tries her in a sequence of locations she has specified until she is found and picks up the call. No matter where she is located, the system reaches out to her. The caller on the other end wants to be attended to and paid attention to, but cares little about where she is physically located in that moment. And if she is busy or unable to pick up the call, it is instead rolled over to the answering service, where a live operator is able to interact with the caller. Calls are routed efficiently and seamlessly, and everyone is happy.

The benefits of Follow Me include:

  • Cost-effective – no additional staff needed for call answering, lower telephony costs
  • Flexibility
  • Greater accessibility to callers and customers – and them to you
  • Simplicity – customers need only call one number
  • Increased peace of mind knowing that calls will not be missed or dumped into voicemail

Follow Me: Be anywhere, anytime and never miss a call!


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