Answering Service Industry Spotlight: Real Estate

As you know, real estate isn’t a “sit down” profession.

From meeting with new clients to visiting potential homes to sell, real estate agents are constantly on the go. They are very rarely in their offices – but at the same time, they need to make sure that they receive all of their calls. Following up on every lead, taking care of their current clients and guiding them through the sometimes-complicated real estate process is essential to their success.

A real estate answering service can help agents balance their need for mobility with their desire to be responsive.

Why use a Virtual Receptionist for Your Real Estate Business?

A traditional office has set hours when it is staffed, and calls made after hours may go directly to voicemail. But with a virtual receptionist, a real estate agent can be open for calls and access messages professionally 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this type of service, all calls are answered with a customized greeting – and the caller immediately knows that they’ve reached a real estate office.

Busy real estate pros, busy clients. Clients are just as busy as real estate professionals, so this type of access is ideal. Since most people buying or selling homes work full time job themselves, they need to call and be able to make appointments when its convenient for them. Rather than playing phone tag with potential clients, real estate agents can use a virtual receptionist to answer calls and book appointments. Clients feel taken care of, and real estate agents can rest assured that they aren’t missing important appointment opportunities.

Real Estate Answering Service – Get the Facts

Letting go of the responsibility for answering all of your own calls can be intimidating at first. Many real estate agents worry about how calls will be handled.

Although every answering service offers slightly different services, a great real estate answering service will have these key features:

  • Live call answering so that clients are taken care of and get a personal response.
  • The opportunity to give your receptionist a script and questions and answers so that clients can get information they need.
  • Call forwarding for calls that meet a certain criteria.

Giving Real Estate Clients The Answers They Need

With these features, a real estate agent and his or her professional answering service can provide superior customer service. It will save time for everyone – including clients. When a virtual receptionist has a list of questions she is able to answer, she can give prospective clients the information they need right away. If a caller’s question happens to fall outside of the scope of the script, the virtual receptionist can redirect the call either to the office or a mobile phone. This way the caller can get exactly what they need.

For the go-go-go profession of real estate agent, working with an answering service just makes sense. With a virtual assistant handling calls, agents can focus on the tasks in front of them without sacrificing customer service. Callers will be looked after promptly, and the real estate agent won’t miss a beat while out on appointments.

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