Answering Service Spotlight: Appointment Scheduling

You’re busy, every single day, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to schedule your own appointments. Sure, your employees try to help out, but they have their own patients or customers to care for, so sometimes the phone just rings and rings. Maybe it’s about time you hire an answering service to handle your appointment scheduling.

An Answering Service Can Schedule Appointments?

Along with answering overflow calls, taking emergency calls after-hours and handling basic customer questions, another typical job for an answering service company is managing appointment scheduling. This is a service that Answering Service Care offers as a stand-alone option, or packaged along with other answering services. This flexibility allows you to have the service you need, configured exactly how you need it.

Since our appointment scheduling tool is designed to be accessed by multiple users at once, we can work in conjunction with your regular receptionist or secretary to ensure that your callers can make, change and cancel appointments without delay. They’ll appreciate the quick service and you’ll love how your appointment book is always accurate up to the minute.

The Acuity Advantage

Acuity is a different kind of scheduling tool. Your office is no longer bound to whatever program your local network can support, or a utility that only updates periodically. Instead, Acuity is hosted on an secure external server so that anyone you authorize can have access to create new appointments, change them or delete them at will — even while other users are logged in to the program!

You’ll immediately see new appointments as they’re booked through your answering service, too. Acuity automatically syncs with popular calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, Office 365 and Outlook to provide you an accurate look at your day. You can even check to see what’s scheduled no matter where you are in the world. Acuity is compatible with your favorite mobile device, letting you take your calendar anywhere.

We’re Fully HIPAA-Compliant

Medical offices need to be understandably cautious when it comes to their patient data, but these businesses can rest assured that experienced medical answering services like Answering Care Service take the utmost care with PHI (protected health information). Not only is our facility HIPAA-compliant, our scheduling software, Acuity, has been independently certified as a HIPAA-compliant program.

That level of data security is great outside the medical field, too. Lawyers, counselors and even property managers are concerned about their clients’ personal information, as well. When your appointment scheduling is based in a program designed with the tightest data security in mind, there’s never a concern that private information will end up in the wrong hands.

Adding appointment scheduling to your already efficient answering services or subscribing to it as a standalone service can help your business do more than it ever has before. You’ll never accidentally double-book another appointment, or let one fall through the cracks again. The extra help a small service like appointment scheduling can provide can be a huge game changer for many different types of businesses, from one-man operations to busy, fully staffed facilities.

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