Are You Ready For Answering Service Support?

Answering Service

Building a business from the ground up takes a lot of hard work, dedication and time. And, let’s face it, most entrepreneurs don’t have the healthiest work/life balance as they’re trying to get a foothold in their industry.

But over time, as your business blossoms, you can start to entertain something like having a life again. Hiring support team members is a great way to start taking your life back, starting with those areas of your business that are easiest to delegate.

So, here’s the question: are you ready for answering service support?

Benefits of Hiring an Answering Service

Along with services like accounting and janitorial, answering services are some of the first partnerships you should be considering when you start to delegate tasks elsewhere. An answering service team made up of highly trained professional operators can act as virtual receptionists and even handle complicated tasks like dispatch if properly armed.

You’ll be reaping benefits like:

  • Gaining a professional customer service team. The most obvious gain with an answering service team is having access to well-trained, professional telephone operators.Whether you want a customer service team or a small, intimate group of virtual receptionists who can get to know your clients, many answering services can accommodate your needs. If they bill by the call, you’ll also be able to scale more or less indefinitely since you don’t have to house or train any of these operators, and you’ll know about what it’s going to cost each month to increase your business flow.
  • Being able to invest more energy on business development. Your company needs you at the helm, not behind the reception desk. Instead of dumping your energy into answering the phone, which can be a draining task, you can refocus that energy on new products or initiatives instead. Create more of that magic that made your company what it is, turn the phones over to the pros.
  • Enjoying more time with your family. The whole work/life balance thing is tricky. To get it right, you have to start letting go of the small stuff, like answering the phone every time it rings. Even if you want to answer during business hours, you can let the answering service get the phone after hours, just to test them out. Once you start reclaiming your evenings, you may find that you kind of like having time away from work and begin to use your answering service a little bit more than you expected.
  • Allowing yourself to take a vacation. Right now, there’s no way you can get far from the phone, it’s just too much. But there was a time when you used to take vacations, you’d have adventures and see interesting things.All of this hard work was supposed to make it easier to enjoy some downtime on a sandy beach whenever you felt like it, so why are you still chained to your desk for 80 hours a week? Without the constant interruption of the ringing phone, you can focus on your work, carve out time for play, and your customers will still get the best service around.

So, are you ready for answering service support? Delegation can free up a lot of your time, especially when you’re turning over something so fundamentally disruptive as the telephone. Give yourself the time and energy you need to be at your best and trust your answering service to handle your callers like you would.

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