Why Businesses Decide to Use an Answering Service

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Imagine this: a potential client’s first call to your company goes unanswered, leaving them to seek services from a competitor that was more responsive. How does that impact your business—and your relationship with your customers? According to Forbes, providing poor customer service leads 96% of customers to find another business. Plus, 90% of people prefer to talk to a live operator over an automated system with complicated menus that can’t help them with their inquiries. So what is the solution?

Call answering services offer…

  • A professional representation of your business with highly-trained operators
  • Improved responsiveness with 24/7/365 availability—weekends and holidays included
  • Personalized assistance due to industry-specific training and bilingual support
  • Confidential handling of sensitive information according to laws and regulations
  • Thorough task management, like taking messages and scheduling appointments.

With an answering service like Answering Service Care, you’ll receive the best customer service at any time of the day or night, without the need to overwork your employees or spend important resources on a full-time receptionist. That means your customers always have access to helpful, live service operators. It also means customers don’t need to go through the annoying process of pushing buttons or saying “speak to a live person” over and over again with no success. That way you can capture leads and help loyal customers all at one low monthly cost. But the benefits don’t stop there (more on that below).

So what does an answering service do and why should your business use one?

What Is a Call Answering Service for a Small Business, Medium Business, or Large Enterprise?

A call answering service is a commercial service that answers telephone calls for its clients as an extension of their business. These services provide a friendly touch to your telephone interactions with customers, making them feel more valued—and increase their loyalty to your brand. Agents can take care of anything from routine questions to setting up appointments, and they can use scripts written specifically for your company. In general, virtual call answering services are an affordable option for companies without the manpower or resources to properly handle their phone lines. 

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There’s no doubt that, by using a third-party answering service, businesses like yours can save money on full-time workers, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your business’s professional image.

What Are the Benefits of Phone Answering Services?

There are several benefits an answering service provides to businesses of all sizes. From better customer service to significant cost savings, an answering service gives businesses the opportunity to focus on what matters most: business operations. Here are the top five benefits of using an answering service:

  • Enhanced Customer Service: When a customer calls, an answering service guarantees that a real person will answer the phone. That means each customer speaks with an operator and doesn’t have to navigate through a complicated, and typically frustrating, automated menu. Customers will feel more valued and appreciated by your company as a result of your prompt—and personalized—response.
  • Increased Availability: Thanks to a 24/7 call answering service’s availability, your company will be able to respond to customers’ inquiries whenever they occur, not just during business hours. This is especially important when the call is urgent—whether a patient needs to schedule a critical appointment or if a homeowner needs emergency assistance.
  • Higher Cost Savings: When compared to the expense of hiring and training full-time receptionists to work in-house—whose salary could cost up to $3,000 a month—outsourcing to an answering service means small and medium-sized businesses can save a significant amount of money. They help you save on overhead expenses like payroll, benefits, and office space. In fact, your business could pay as little as $25/month for Answering Service Care’s Starter plan.
  • Boosted Professional Image: With the help of phone answering services, your company will be seen by customers as a reputable and overall professional business—compared to businesses that use an in-house receptionist. That’s because skilled call operators strengthen your company’s credibility by providing personalized service to maintain consistency and professionalism while handling customer inquiries.
  • Improved Productivity: By outsourcing your phone answering to a professional answering service, you can free up your in-house team to focus on what they do best. This productivity boost results in more available resources for your business and higher efficiency from your team.

As a result, your businesses can gain a better return on investment and significantly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty simply by hiring an answering service like Answering Service Care. By providing customers with better availability, along with friendly and professional service, your business will be able to operate more smoothly while knowing your customers are taken care of at all times.

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Answering Service Care: Helping Your Customers, Using Your Solutions, as a Part of Your Team.

If you’ve been searching for a call answering service online and are having a difficult time deciding on which service is best for you, look no further. Answering Service Care has been helping businesses with their call handling needs since 1974. There’s no other answering service you can trust more to take your calls than our empathetic, professional, and bilingual operators. What do we offer your business?

  • Taking messages from your customers
  • Relaying information to the appropriate contacts
  • Gathering information from customers for feedback or data purposes
  • Transferring calls—both internally and externally
  • Blocking spam and other unwanted calls
  • Troubleshooting issues with customers

If you’d like to see how Answering Service Care can help your business reach new heights of customer satisfaction, schedule a meeting with us and get started today!

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