Does the human touch still matter in an Internet business world?

Customers can check out your website in the middle of the night, browse through your FAQ section and make a decision about whether or not to buy from you before your business is even open. Thanks to 24/7 Internet access, they can make product or service comparisons with your competitors and do the vast majority of decision-making without even picking up the phone.

But, it’s important to remember that the human touch still matters to your business because you are selling to humans.

Here are three reasons why the human touch is essential to your callers:

  1. It cuts down on the time they have to spend on the phone.

    Your customers are just as busy as you are. If they are taking the time to pick up the phone and call your business, they don’t want to spend that time in an endless loop of recorded messages. They want to speak to someone immediately and get their issue solved. When an incoming caller can reach a live receptionist when they call, rather than having to listen to menu of options to be transferred to the right department, it saves them time and increases their satisfaction with your company.

  1. It makes them feel valued by your company.

    In this age of eCommerce and online shopping, it’s common for there to be little to no direct interaction between a company and its customers. It’s also very easy for customers to do a lot of comparison shopping before they make a purchase. They have a choice in where they spend their money, and the Internet has made it easier to find competitors who may be offering the same thing for less. Finding the lowest price isn’t hard, but finding a company that cares is. By having a live voice at the end of your business line, you should them that you value their business. You show that you go above and beyond competitors with customer service.

  1. It provides them with a positive experience with your company.

    Remember – each opportunity to interact with customers is an opportunity to build a relationship with them. This is hard to do if your callers are reaching a recorded message. The more positive experiences your callers have with your company, the more likely they’ll be coming back to purchase from you again.

When you work with a professional answering service featuring live receptionists, and 24/7 support, you can be there whenever your customers need you. Adding the human touch with a live virtual assistant can make the difference between a repeat customer and a dissatisfied one.


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