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Focus On Families’ Needs First with a Funeral Answering Service

Running your funeral home can be demanding, asking you to care for clients, vendors, friends of the deceased, the community and anyone else who might wander through all at the same time.

It can be difficult to find a way to focus on families’ needs that require immediate attention when the phone is ringing off the hook. But you can refocus your efforts with the help of a funeral answering service. 

Prioritizing Clients Gets Easier With a Little Extra Help

Like in any business, you have to make certain choices to ensure that your funeral home has enough clients to keep running, as well as a strong standing in the community to cement relationships with vendors like florists. Your priority is to serve grieving families, and we are here to help you do just that.

However, striking that balance can be difficult, especially when you have so many demands placed on your time. What you really need to best focus on families’ needs is someone to act as a filter between you and the many calls that come in daily.

Answering Service Care has been helping funeral homes like yours filter out the background noise since 1974. We know how important it is for you to give priority to your bereaved clients, that’s why our funeral answering service is designed with them in mind.

Our compassionate telephone staff can support you in supporting grieving families with services like:

  • Appointment setting. Scheduling things like flower deliveries and pre-planning visits can help keep your time better organized so that when a bereaved family member needs you, you can give them your full attention.Turning this job over to your answering service is even better, since they can spend the time to get all the details right, organize it all on your calendar and update you in real time anytime anything changes. Plus, callers can make, change and cancel appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when you’re not open!
  • Overflow call answering. The very worst time for the phone to ring is when you’re with someone who shouldn’t be interrupted out of compassion. In times like these, it’s hard to know if the best thing to do is let that call go to voicemail or answer it and risk the fragile rapport you’ve established.The best answer is choice number three: let your funeral answering service take the call. The human touch adds so much, your caller will feel like they’ve been heard and you’ll be able to return the call after you’ve finished what you were doing.
  • Virtual receptionist services. If you’re worried that an answering service is too impersonal, we also offer a virtual receptionist team that turns the answering service concept on its ear. With a virtual receptionist service, you get a small team of operators who get to know you and your clients, just like a small reception team you’d hire in-house.They’ll take special instructions from you concerning specific callers or types of callers, help callers reach different people in your organization and answer basic questions based on information you provide. They’re the best of both worlds.

Let our funeral answering service help you maintain your focus on the clients right in front of you. We’ll handle the distracting phone calls and help you organize your calendar while you take the time it takes to help families make proper arrangements. Answering Service Care is here to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just give us a call at 800.430.6511 or send us an email to get started.

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