Here’s What Makes Us the Best Telephone Answering Service

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Why should my business partner with the best telephone answering service?

Partnering with a telephone answering service offers a plethora of benefits to businesses of all sizes and types. A lot of good things can happen just by strategically partnering with a provider that can lighten your load and deliver friendly, professional, efficient service to you and your customers:

  • Callers will spend less time waiting on hold
  • Fewer callers will be asked to leave a voicemail
  • Callers will have a friendly live agent to speak with 24/7
  • You are covered in the event of a crisis or natural disaster
  • Better appointment scheduling
  • More positive reviews and customer referrals
  • More repeat business
  • More sales and revenue

If you are going to partner with a telephone answering service, you might as well partner with the best, right? Here at Answering Service Care, we strive to deliver only the highest level of competence, professionalism and compassion to our clients and their customers. With dozens of five-star reviews online from happy customers, we are proud of our reputation as the telephone best answering service. Here are some of the things that make us the best!

We have been a leading telephone answering service since 1974

As a leading telephone answering service for several decades, we know a thing or two about providing the best customer service. We have supported and helped to grow businesses of all types, including the following:

We are here for you, and your customers, in these unprecedented times

The coronavirus outbreak has presented new, unique challenges to all business owners. As they work to navigate the new normal, the Answering Service Care team is here to support them. Our virtual receptionists are helping businesses get through the crisis by managing their phones remotely, routing calls to the appropriate departments, answering general questions, sending follow-up emails, and providing callers with a calm, reassuring voice to speak with.

In these unprecedented times, our virtual receptionists have jumped right in and put on multiple hats, and they are the secret sauce that is keeping many businesses running smoothly.

We offer bilingual virtual receptionists

With over 41 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S., chances are that it is the first language for many of your customers. Although many of your Spanish-speaking customers may speak English, offering a bilingual virtual receptionist shows them that you care about them and value their business.

We offer modern, innovative ways to serve your customers and manage your account

Although we have been around for decades, we understand that staying on top of trends and evolving is the secret to prolonged success. That is why we proudly offer our customers the most innovative technology, including the following:

  • Our Care2Text feature, which allows our clients to advertise a phone number that their clients can use to correspond with them via text message.
  • The ASC Mobile app, which allows business owners to manage their answering service account from their smartphone. Through this app, our clients can receive message notifications, listen to their messages from wherever they are, manage their on-call calendar, make payments, and more.

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