How Do I Become a Remote Answering Service Professional?

Answering Services

Remote answering service professionals and virtual receptionists are on the front lines of customer service.

How important is a great first impression? The person answering the phone for a company may be the caller’s very first impression of that company. When these telephone communications professionals, or operators, pick up the phone, they are responsible for the first impression that the company makes with a client – and they are an essential part of keeping clients happy over the Long-Term. Many companies seek out virtual receptionists and remote answering services because of the convenience and professionalism that they can offer businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of becoming a remote answering service professional or operator? Many answering service professionals and operators have flexible work hours, and some can telecommute – which saves on gas and other “outside the house” job expenses. If you’re friendly, detail-oriented and professional, working as a remote answering service professional operator could be the right job for you.

For remote answering service professionals, there are plenty of opportunities to find work. While every remote answering service or virtual receptionist service will have its own individual requirements for hiring, here are some general guidelines to consider and use to determine if you’d make a great professional operator:

  1. Do you have a private workspace that is quiet and has little ambient noise during your work time?
  2. Do you have a separate phone line that can be dedicated to answering service calls, and a second line for personal calls so that your work calls aren’t interrupted? (Keep in mind, however, that some answering services do offer their professionals the technology, such as VoIP, that provides them with a phone line.)
  3. Do you have the technical capabilities to download and install the technology that your answering service employers will require?
  4. Do you have a high speed Internet connection that meets a company’s requirements?
  5. Do you have a reliable computer that meets a company’s requirements?
  6. Do you have experience working in the customer service field?
  7. Do you have experience working virtually (also known as “remotely”) from your home?
  8. Are you open to working for an answering service that provides its clients with 24/7 service that includes weekends and holidays?
  9. Do you have a positive, outgoing attitude, and are you a self-starter?

While a remote answering service company could help train you in the specifics of its system, and in the needs of each individual client, in most cases, these basics are a must.

Get started as an answering service professional operator. If you want to become a remote answering service professional, look for opportunities at several different companies, make sure you have the technical equipment and skills and then put together your resume highlighting your experience in customer service. Your personal approach plus your ability to meet the technical requirements are a winning combination for getting a job as a remote answering service professional.

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