How Important is Your Company Name?

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So, tell me, What’s In A Name? Does it matter if your receptionist at the telephone answering service says your name correctly? It sure matters to me. My name is “Shooster” not Shooter, Shot-ster, or Shoo-sir. From a business perspective, the branding of your company name, I believe you would agree, is one of your most important assets. It’s even fair to say that when you say a person’s name incorrectly you dishonor that person. And there you have it.

It’s About Honoring One’s Name, and Honoring The Person.

Businesses cannot, let me repeat that, CANNOT afford to be dishonored by telephone answering services that do not pay particular and distinct care to the way their personnel responds to incoming calls. As a side note, if your company is branding a product, the philosophy applies even to product names. We at are tasked with a tough job, and we want to do a superior job for you! We want to exceed your expectations. We are tasked with providing virtual telephone receptionists answering phones for hundreds of companies with live operators. To maintain exceptional value for our clients we must always pronounce your name correctly! Anything less than perfect will leave doubt, regarding your company’s competency, in the mind of your customers. Below are two options we offer for answering your phone. Only option one will assure that your company is answered correctly 100% of the time.

Option 1

To maintain your image we recommend answering your phone with a pre-announcement just before the live operator enters the call. Pre-announcements are highly recommended because they offer these benefits:
  • The call is answered by the computer identifying your company by name – correctly every time.
  • Immediately following the announcement, a live agent takes over and begins to create an atmosphere of friendliness, while retaining their professional conduct.
  • The live operator is no longer tasked with answering your valued company by the company name, but rather his or her own name to make the caller feel at ease. This would create a comfortable atmosphere for each and every caller.
  • Also, since the system answered the call, your caller will not hear the phone over-ring, in-fact the phone will not ring at all. The pre-recorded greeting will answer on the first ring.
  • As an added bonus, if your callers would recognize your voice we could record your greeting in your voice so that each caller hears it before speaking with one of your virtual telephone receptionists.

Option 2

For the client that is not a true believer in technology as an enhancement for a personal and friendly experience, there is the Three Rings Option. A three ring option means that your caller would hear three rings before the pre-recorded announcement begins to play or before a live receptionist picks up. Live operators are tasked to answer these calls within the first three rings. Usually a live operator will be available. However, if after the third ring, a live telephone receptionist is not available, the call is redirected to a pre-announcement. The call flow is not as smooth as with the pre-announcement, because with the three ring announcement your caller will hear the company name twice in some cases when the announcement plays. In this case, since your company name is part of the live operator answer phrase it would be repeated. It is also possible for the operator to unintentionally mispronounce your company name, which, in turn, hurts your image. A typical client will call forward their phones for us to answer. Without special features like Call Forward Busy, and Call Forward No Answer from your phone company, your callers might be hearing rings from your phone before the answering service rings. You can actually see this for yourself because the ring tone will change slightly when the call begins to ring with the answering service. Anyway, under those circumstance three rings at the answering service is actually the equivalent of five rings to your caller. Hope you can see that although Option 2 offers a live operator from the start, the experience may not always live up to your expectations.

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