Key Answering Service Tools: Call Recording

Although recording calls may not always be a necessity in your business, it can be a good feature to have for multiple reasons. If your business would benefit (or already does) from an answering service, you’ll want to make sure that call recording is not only an offered feature, but also that you take advantage of it.

Call recording through your answering service can be used for:

  • Accountability issues – You can record portions of calls in order to ensure that important information from customers is registered and collected.
  • Quality control – Ensure that your answering service operators are meeting your quality standards from “hello” to “goodbye.”
  • Security – Recording calls with particularly sensitive information can help ensure security for your employees and customers.
  • Training – During initial training, recording calls can help supervisors monitor and give feedback.
  • Peace of mind – From a legal standpoint, having a recording of your calls may come in handy later if there is ever any issue or question about information exchanged in a call (or anything else about a call). Protecting your business or practice from whatever liability might come along can be easier when you have a recording to back you up.

It’s all recorded. When one of our answering service clients opts for the call recording tool and it is activated, we record the entire duration of every conversation – from start to finish – between operator and caller.

Use what you need. When evaluating answering services and their call recording options, make sure you go with one that offers you exactly what you and your business need. For instance, we store all of our client’s recordings for up to three years, and make sure that they have 24/7 access to all of this data. They can simply log into our secure portal and listen to any and all call recordings online, instantly. In our case, when it comes to recording our clients’ calls, we use a proprietary, branded solution that is both web-based and user-friendly. It gives our answering services total visibility into all calls and phone exchanges, and gives clients what they need, when they need it.

Call recording can be an essential tool no matter what industry you’re in. Armed with all of this information, you’ll be sure to find the answering service and the call recording solution that work best for your team and your business.

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