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Law practices operate within a dynamic, highly-demanding industry that constantly pulls employees in different directions. Thankfully, there are ways to offload some of the hard work—namely, with customer service. A legal answering service provides a law firm with quality operational support through trained agents that can not just handle customer calls, but perform intake, administrative duties, and even marketing outreach. 

Many still mistake an answering service as a strictly phone-based service, but they have evolved to include live chat messaging, online platforms, and other industry-standard features to help forge customer connections. The best answering service companies even offer agents who are experts in specific industries, such as real estate, medicine, and law. No matter what industry a company works in or what size their office is, they likely could benefit from an answering service, particularly if they have a dedicated receptionist role. Receptionists are often difficult to retain over long periods of time, but answering services provide all the same key functions—and at a fraction of the price.

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For industries like law, where billable hours are what keeps the company afloat, it’s crucial to stay focused on what makes money while also successfully running the business. An answering service lets attorneys focus more on their caseload rather than customer-facing responsibilities. But more than that, answering services help improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and enhance overall business efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about how an answering service can benefit law firms of all sizes.

Do People Still Use Answering Services for Law Firms?

Yes, they do—and for good reason. Answering services provide many benefits to law firms, such as:

  • Dedicated legal intake services to better screen possible clients
  • More time for legal staff to focus on billable tasks
  • A consistent customer experience for clients
  • 24/7 coverage of phone lines, ensuring no call goes unanswered
  • Increased outreach, client feedback collection, and operational efficiency

Regardless of what type of law a firm may practice, the best live phone answering service fills a crucial role for legal teams: customer service. This goes beyond answering phone calls, though that is a key part of what answering services do. Operators can also work in appointment scheduling, answering questions, and even rerouting critical information to attorneys—all crucial components of legal practice. Providers like Answering Service Care employ operators who are specialized in the legal field, which means they are knowledgeable on the industry standards and confidentiality practices to competently work with clients.

Additionally, answering services act as an extension of the firms they work for, meaning that if an operator answers the phone for an attorney’s office, they answer as if they’re in that office. When a law firm hires an answering service, there is no disconnect between the customer base and the practice they’re calling. And thanks to modern technology in telecommunications, an answering service can work from anywhere in the world—no need to look up “answer service companies near me” anymore!

What Businesses Use an Answering Service?

Some businesses that use answering services include law firms, medical offices, real estate agents, and construction companies. Answering services are particularly helpful for organizations with demanding roles, limited staff, or limited resources—for example, a small business. Organizations with specialized practices or terms that require intensive training could also benefit from using an answering service. But truthfully, any business who cares about quality service and consistent customer experiences can use answering services to great effect.

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What Is the Best Live Phone Answering Service for a Law Firm?

The best legal answering service will have a few critical features:

  • 24/7 coverage, so no call goes unanswered
  • Regular experience with law firms of all types
  • Agents who are trained in legal terminology, intake services, confidentiality, and other key skills
  • A combination of modern features with real people answering the phones
    • Real people answering the phones—not AI
    • Technology such as call transferring, online portals, and messaging platforms

At Answering Service Care, we provide all of those features—and far more. Our agents are professionally trained, bilingual experts in customer service who work in a wide variety of law settings, such as criminal law, bankruptcy, family law, corporate law, and many other practices. Working with us will free up your attorneys to focus on their caseload, all while ensuring your firm maintains a consistent, quality customer experience.

Our agents are competent in confidentiality practices, legal terminology, and everything required to handle calls for a law firm. And we do all of this as if we’re in your office, so clients still feel as though they are calling you directly rather than speaking to an outside party. If you’re somehow unsatisfied with our services, we offer a 21-day money back guarantee.

If you’d like to see what an answering service could do for your organization, get started today with one of our monthly plans or schedule a meeting with us to answer any additional questions. 

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