Stop Playing Phone Tag!


Do you remember the childhood game of tag? Being teased with the daunting ‘catch me if you can’ jeer or blissfully avoiding the person who has been dubbed as ‘IT’. Well, believe it or not, many businesses are engaged in this childish game with their customers and prospects… A daring game of PHONE TAG – they call you, you miss the call then you return their call. Not only is this frustrating but it is extremely time consuming and not many customers are willing to leave a message or patiently wait for a call back if they have not spoken to anyone.

But what if there was a solution to route your calls to different outlets or people automatically? Have you been thinking about a system that will ‘have your back’ and redirect calls if you are away from your office or even mobile telephone? If you are reachable from different numbers, different times of the day or seem to always be ‘on the go’ Follow Me is the solution you have been waiting for.

Here’s how it works,

  • When a prospect or customer calls your office, their call will begin to ring at different outlets simultaneously – such as your mobile, landline and your actual office line. Follow Me begins a hunt to locate a user and release the call once they have answered.
  • If you are unable to answer the call, you may have it sent to a ‘back-up’ person. This person can be an on call, a technician… The ‘back-up’ person will be able to intercept the call, and fill in on behalf of your company, answering any questions that the caller may have and offering support.
  • Finally, if the call is not answered in either of these tiers, it will be rolled over to the answering service and we will take a message and relay it directly to you!

Pairing Follow Me solutions with your answering service will be a win-win for your company! This empowerment adds up to equal

  • better first overall experience with your company – callers are more likely to speak to a representative as your calls will ring in layers
  • and because the answering service will only answer your calls when you are unable to you will save money.

No more missing valuable calls and having to play the game of ‘phone-tag’. Your calls will ring at the places you are most likely to be. Follow Me empowers you to be free, knowing that whereever you are and whenever they call, the call will be routed directly to you.

To learn more about our Follow Me solutions please contact one of our Business Development Consultants at 877.430.6511.


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