The Pros and Cons of an Attorney Answering Service

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As an attorney, you understand the importance of client communication. In your profession, this means more than emails, texts, or messages. It means conversations. You have to hear your clients out in order to fully understand their situation, and in turn, to help them.

Answering the phones is a good starting point, but what happens when business picks up and your phone is ringing off the hook, or you’re in a meeting and can’t get to the phone? There’s too much going on in the office on a daily basis to drop everything and pick up every incoming call. 

But that doesn’t mean these calls have to go unanswered. An attorney answering service is just what you need. An attorney phone answering service can benefit your efficiency as well as your customer service, regardless of the call volume coming your way. 

And if you’re wondering what some of the pros and cons might be, pertaining to an attorney telephone answering service, look no further. We have consolidated some important considerations for your law firm regarding handling calls.

The Best Answering Service for Attorneys

A ringing phone means potential clients, and a growing business. This is a good problem to have. But clients won’t just keep calling or leaving messages if they don’t feel their situation is resolved in a timely fashion. Answering services for attorneys can make sure none of these calls or messages slip through the cracks.

Here are some pros of partnering with an attorney phone answering service:

Never Miss A Call

Clients call at all times of the day, and it’s impossible for you to be available to answer all of those calls. However, it’s not impossible for an attorney after hours answering service.

No matter what time of the day (or night) it’s, an answering service representative will be on hand to take the call and handle it accordingly. For example, if someone is calling in the middle of the night, then perhaps it’s an emergency and they need legal assistance right away. In this instance, the answering service professional will reach you in whatever way has already been established.

On the other hand, a client might be calling for simple appointment scheduling, in which case there is no need for you to hurry to be available. In this instance, there might be a protocol in place to add the person to a calendar with an affiliated message, as opposed to taking up call time. 

And instead of thinking of an answering service for attorneys as a contracted business, think of them as an extension of your own business. After all, you have a workflow in place that your clients appreciate. Why shake it up? 

Legal answering service professionals will fit into your business model and operate the way your business operates. You should not have to alter your workflow for these additional services.

Hear Your Clients

If clients are calling your office, it’s because they want to be heard. They have something to say, and likely need assistance of some kind. The last thing they want to do is call and be received by an answering machine. 

While there are still some who rely on answering machines, the model is being left behind. People want to talk to a person directly or leave a message directly on the recipient’s phone, not an office-based machine. 

And by implementing an attorney phone answering service into your workflow, you can rest assured your clients will be heard. They will feel like they are being taken care of, which is crucial for several reasons. 

For one, customer service is key in any industry, but in legal services especially. It’s a personal business to navigate and assist with someone’s problems. Aside from a doctor, it probably doesn’t get any more personal. Therefore, having a dedicated friendly voice to be ready for incoming calls is a big step in the right direction. 

For another, clients are more likely to recommend your services to their peers if they feel they are being taken care of. There is nothing like reviews on social media or word of mouth to make a good impression. And while your legal services certainly play a role in these reviews, your customer service will play an equally important role as well.

Attorney making a phone call while looking at documents.

Efficient Workflows

Having a dedicated answering service for attorneys is about your clients and taking the burden off your plate, but it also makes your entire operation more efficient. Think of all the aspects of your job aside from speaking with clients on the phone. We know there are many.

By not having to worry about answering the phone, you can stay focused on the job at hand. Additionally, if you have to take or return a call, you can be more focused on that call at that time. 

When you’re pulled in too many directions in the office, it’s tough to give any particular task your all. But when tasks are each carried out by respective professionals, then everything is getting done more quickly and more efficiently. 

This is a win-win scenario. It’s a win for your clients, who will feel like they are being taken care of regardless of when they call or what their concern is. And it will be a win for your team, who will be able to focus on their own tasks without the distraction of a ringing phone. 

Support Your Legal Business

Typically, when a list of pros is given, a list of cons tends to follow. However, we just don’t see a downside to partnering with an attorney telephone answering service. By making your legal practice more efficient and your clients happier, you’re taking steps to improve your business overall. 

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