What Is A Hospice Answering Service?

Managing a hospice is a challenging prospect.

Between caring for families emotionally, ensuring that patients have what they need physically and that equipment and caregivers are arranged properly, it can feel like you’re choreographing a very complicated dance number, one that you don’t always know the moves to. Partnering with a hospice answering service, however, can help take some of the stress out of your otherwise crazy day.

How Can a Hospice Answering Service Help My Hospice?

If you’ve been managing your hospice without the help of a hospice answering service, you’ve been doing it the hard way! There’s so much that a hospice answering service company can do for your company that will improve patient care and let you relax a little more when you’re not at work.

These are just a few of the many benefits an answering service for hospices can offer:

  • After hours call answering. When you’re ready to close the office for the day, you don’t need to worry if your patients will be in good hands. You’ll know they are with a hospice answering service. Your after hours team will be armed with all the right information to connect patients to the resources they need, no matter what time of night.
  • Overflow call answering. Your office gets pretty busy during the day sometimes, too, and some of your patients are hesitant to leave a message because they don’t want to bother you or they’re worried you won’t call them back. That’s what overflow call answering is for. Answering service operators can pick up the phone when you can’t, so your patients always speak to a real, live human.
  • Appointment setting. Managing all the appointments for the patients in your care can get very complicated, but having a dedicated appointment setting team can make it easier. You can still make appointments in person or over the phone, but your patients or their families also have the option to call to make, change or cancel appointments any time of the day or night this way, so it’s convenient for everyone. Since the tool hospice answering services use integrates with the calendar you’re already using, you’ll see any changes in real time!
  • Message relay. Messages that need to be relayed to you, your staff or doctors during or after business hours can move quickly with the help of a hospice answering service. When patients call, it’s always a high priority. Your operators will ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter and follow your instructions to connect the patient with the right resources every time. In hospice care, speed matters.

A hospice answering service can help your hospice help more patients faster. HIPAA-compliance is paramount, so you never have to worry about patient health information slipping into the wrong hands or creating a costly problem for you down the road. When you’re overwhelmed by the number of calls coming in from families, durable medical equipment suppliers and medical providers, take a breath and call a hospice answering service to help with some of the burden of caring for others.

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